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What is the ordinary wheel process
2013-02-01 by seoer10
Ordinary wheel process the following eight steps:
Ingredients: recipe requires weighing the various raw materials needed.
2, mixing: according to process requirements, abrasive, cutting wheel and a variety of other materials in chronological order, and time requirements mixing process of the molding material.
3, forming: the molding material using the press and die pressed into the desired shape of the wheel blank.
4, dry: divided natural environment under natural drying and artificial heating mode of artificial drying, as well as two continuous drying.
5, firing: In this process, the ceramic wheel called sintering; called hardening resin wheel; called vulcanized rubber wheel. The whole process from the completion of the warming curve, thermostat, cooling temperature change.
6, processing: lathe or grinder will burn embryoid body cylindrical, flat, aperture processing process of the finished product. Some of the the Grout and sulphurized invasion wax and so on.
, Inspection, seal: a rigorous test of product appearance, size, abrasive wheel,hardness, balance, strength, and so meet the standard requirements, and the qualified products stamped with the seal of the standard requirements, as well as by batch print product certification.
Packaging and storage: qualified products according to the requirements for packaging, and storage safekeeping.
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