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Diamond coated tool life of
2013-02-19 by seoer10

With any other tool, diamond coated tool life of the same, mainly depends on the material being cut, the selection of the feed rate and cutting speed, workpiece geometry, etc.. Generally speaking, diamond-coated tool life of machining graphite is uncoated cemented carbide tool 10 to 20 times, and in some cases may even be longer. In this way, you can use a tool to complete almost any processing task without tool wear and tool change to avoid processing interrupts and recalibration,flap wheel, making it possible to achieve unattended processing. Processing of composite materials, it is entirely possible to obtain a longer tool life. Reportedly difficult to process composite materials in the processing of high density glass fiber, carbon fiber and G10-FR4, diamond coated tool life up to 70 times that of uncoated carbide tools.metal cutting wheel

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