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Ordinary machine clip thread milling cutters
2013-02-22 by seoer10
Machine clip thread cutter, thread milling, the most commonly used and inexpensive tool, its structure and machine clip cutter similar, consisting of reusable blade arbor and can be easily replaced. Can also be used if necessary processing taper thread processing taper thread dedicated holder and blade, this blade with multiple thread cutting teeth, the tool along a spiral line processing a week to once processing multiple thread teeth, such as a to five 2mm thread cutting teeth of the milling cutter,abrasive tools, along the spiral line processing can be processed a week 5 of the thread teeth of the thread depth 10mm. In order to further improve the processing efficiency may make use of the multi-blade machine clip thread cutter. By increasing the number of cutting edges, can significantly increase the feed rate, the circumference of each blade between the radial and axial positioning error will affect the thread processing accuracy. Folder thread precision thread milling cutter such as multi-blade machine is dissatisfied can also try to only install a blade processing. The chosen machine clip thread cutter, according to the diameter, depth and workpiece materials processing thread, try to use larger diameter shank (to increase the rigidity of the tool) and appropriate blade material. Thread processing machine clip thread cutter depth by Arbor's effective cutting depth decision. The blade shank length is less than the effective depth of cut, the when processing thread depth is greater than the length of the blade needs stratification processing.stone cutting wheel
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