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Zirconia all- ceramic dental what to do
2013-10-22 by seoer3
zirconia flap disc  all-ceramic dental what to do , zirconia is nature in baddeleyite existence of a mineral , is a high temperature , wear-resistant , corrosion-resistant inorganic non-metallic materials . Its high melting point of 2700 degrees Celsius. Zirconium dioxide is has been proven successful for the shuttle's heat shield , Porsche brake disc and artificial transmission belt , far greater than the strength of zirconia all the other all-ceramic teeth. The current all-ceramic dental zirconia are using a computer CAD-CAM technology to produce complete , ie laser scanning , computer aided design , 3D CNC machined specialized machine called a suitable crown or dental bridge . This method produced all-ceramic dental zirconia has high adhesion . Zirconia all-ceramic dental what to do , zirconia is an amphoteric oxide eutectic can be formed with alkali zirconate , but zirconate water readily hydrolyzed to ZrO2 · xH2O and precipitation. Zirconia high-temperature reaction with carbon and chlorine , or carbon tetrachloride and the reaction of zirconium tetrachloride and zirconium oxychloride , zirconium dioxide hydrolysis also received . It reacts with the carbon arc zirconium carbide . Zirconium dioxide when heated emit a strong white light , and gasoline was used as a filament lamp grille . Hard zirconia after melting , thermal expansion coefficient is small, it will not make sudden changes in temperature of the enamel and rupture. High temperatures can be done zirconia crucibles, refractory vessels and lining . Zirconia doped with MgO can be used to make high temperature glass .
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