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High precision ultra-thin diamond cutting discs
2012-11-02 by seoer10

The precision thin diamond cutting disc sheet overall diamond thin cutting chip is the use of an electroforming method, and other plating method differs in that the electroforming method of the nickel-base slice having the strongest package holding force, enables the diamond not falling, the caliber play cutting ability and high wear resistance, and is not a general metal method and resin method slice match, thereby guaranteeing that a blade having a multiple of life because of the rigidity of each of the manufacturing method is different, can be exposed application The length of the blade is also different. Usually the same thickness of the slice, resin method exposed 1mm metal method can be exposed to 2mm, the electroforming method may be exposed more than 4mm. Cutting different concentration will affect the the blade consumption rate and processing quality of work. Concentration of the Company's use of the newly developed control technology to provide customers with more than six concentration series to meet the customers are able to meet both the quality and life, and to achieve a stable and high-quality continuous cutting, thus broader meet each level processing needs. Metal Law slice in 15g load that is broken, electroforming weight added to 50g only bend without breaking, showing the excellent hard straightness electroforming slice unique characteristics, and thus super steel cutting is not easy meandering, even under conditions of high load, high rotational speed, but also can obtain the stable processing quality.

Mainly used for the precision machining of optoelectronic information materials, including optical glass, electronic components, precious stones, precision diamond cutting wheel, crushed polycrystalline five magnetic materials, semiconductor materials, crystal, fine ceramics and other brittle non-metallic materials and carbide grooving, cutting mold steel and other materials. The unique process to cut more fine, smooth, small incision loss, smoother cutting surface.

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