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       Grinding a titanium alloy grinding and, more importantly, in addition to having a cooling and flushing action is to have suppressed the adhesion of the abrasive grains of titanium and chemical action. For ordinary abrasive grinding wheel, should use water-soluble grinding fluid containing extreme pressure additives, can inhibit the adhesion and grinding cracks occur. The choice of the following recipe preparation grinding fluid. Chloride, fatty acid polyoxyethylene ether 0.5% to 0.8%, 0.5% trisodium phosphate, 1% nitrous steel, triethanolamine 0.5% to 1% of water (balance). It must be pointed out that the use of chlorinated compounds grinding fluid should be cleaned after grinding parts, to prevent the lower part of the anti-fatigue strength. Cubic boron nitride (CBN) grinding wheel is titanium alloy, should not use a water-soluble grinding fluid, causing the grinding wheel china excessive wear and tear, CBN and from the chemical reaction of water at about 800 ℃. You should use oil-based grinding fluid. Wherein the chlorine-containing extreme pressure additive grinding oil composition: Barium Petronate + chlorinated paraffin (oil) + phosphate triethylammonium lipid + base oil.
      The grinding is used, the flow rate should be large enough, per millimeter wheel width not less than 0.5L/min, the higher the grinding wheel line speed, the flow should be larger, and maintain a sufficient pressure to ensure the cooling and flushing action. The tanks have a large capacity, generally 1.5-3 times the flow rate, in order to keep the grinding fluid is at a lower temperature. In addition, high grinding temperature titanium alloy, titanium debris is likely to cause a fire, pay attention to fire safety in the use of oil grinding fluid.
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Different workpiece materials, and its fracture toughness, hardness, and are quite different, so the nature of the material of the workpiece is also affect the wear of the abrasive tools.  studied different stone diamond saw cutting tool wear and pointed out: When cutting hard

Granite, Diamond Saw wear abrasive macro broken and fall off, the reason is not enough holding force, cutting conditions; when cutting softer granite, the complete crystalline form and abrasive micro crushing accounting a large proportion of abrasive off

Off the still high proportion of such wear the blade to keep cutting disc. Xu Xipeng: the nature of the different minerals in the granite and deformation mechanism is to determine the key diamond failure mode. Quartz content is higher, the diamond the more severe wear; syenite

Stone content was significantly higher, the sawing process is relatively difficult to be carried out; under the same cutting conditions, the coarse granularity granite fine granularity than granite it more difficult for cleavage fracture occurs.

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