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Used CNC blade can grind it
Mill, but very few people go to mill as grinding blade surface layer of hard coating, abrasive roll,so it's a very short-lived, there is not right size after the installation tool is not easy fixed, because of the small size Yeah, it is recommended to wear or not to good, is not equal to the value of the cost of flowers and it created, but also a waste of time, you say?cutting wheel
Classification and uses of diamond resin grinding wheel
Resin grinding wheel, also known as resin knife grinding wheel, resin grinding wheel, depending on product model variety for the election (parallel to the cutting wheel, parallel with the arc grinding wheel sided concave grinding wheel, double hypotenuse grinding wheel, bowl-shaped grinding wheel).The resin wheel at different purposes there are different types of grinding wheel, parallel to the grindstone is mainly used for the carbide cylindrical grinding and edge processing; parallel with arc grindstone is mainly used for grinding, circular arc surface of the carbide forming molded grinding cut; sided concave grinding wheel for grinding the gages and coreless matte turbine; dual hypotenuse wheel is mainly used for carbide gear hobs, thread cutter molding grinding; bowl-shaped grinding wheel: mainly used for carbide sharpening of cutting tools, high speed steel cutting tools can also be used for milling.Resin grinding wheel with a good polishing, grinding grinding wheel sharp, easy to plug, currently grinding, cutting metal industrial use is very common.
Ceramic grinding wheel and resin wheel contest
The wheel is the main abrasive grinding. The grinding wheel is in the added binding agents, a porous body made by the green compacts, drying and firing the abrasive. Abrasive, bond and manufacturing processes, grinding wheel characteristics vary widely, so grinding machining quality, productivity and cutting wheel.Grinding wheel is divided into two ceramic grinding wheel and resin wheel. Chemical stability of ceramic grinding wheel long shelf life and the role of self-sharpening high strength resin grinding wheel snagging kibble self-sharpening effect chemical stability and storage period not as good as the ceramic wheel.Simple terms, that is different from the combination of the two agents, one is as a binding agent with a ceramic, a resin is used as a binding agent. Performance resin grinding wheel surface roughness of the workpiece to be higher, while ceramic sharpness and longer life This is just a general situation, both have their own advantages and disadvantages in the selection according to specific circumstances.
The grinding wheel superhard abrasive Micropowder of select
Technology continues to evolve with the technology, the range of applications of the grinding wheel is more and more widely used in precision grinding, grinding, polishing the super polished ...... quality wheel requires a good quality of raw materials, such as super abrasive powder.PDM micropowder: This raw material of the wheel, the polishing and grinding of glass and ceramic exhibits excellent performance;The PDV Micropowder: When the high life, grinding efficiency and surface finish need to consider closing now this material;MDM micronized: with higher toughness, strictly control the granularity of allocation, appropriate grinding and polishing of silicon wafers;VDM micronized: crystal form better than MDM, higher strength, the particle size distribution is more narrow;PDMN micronized: strong gripping force, grinding wheel and the cooling effect,cutting wheel life significant role;CBN-B2000M: for resin and vitrified bonded grinding wheel;CBN-AM: is the ideal material for the polishing and grinding of the resin binder;CBN-AMN: grinding wheel life growth.