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Strap sketched romantic fairy tale
narrow belt overalls, young mothers have the final say, since that little life with flesh and blood since birth, moms overalls became one of the essential set of baby items. Time flies, old baby had come out Tingtingyuli, although not yet come to recall the glory days of yore, but too often think of my mother's care, it will not help but think of overalls, like braces have become less age Maiguai The secret weapon, or understand love know life has become a landmark. Some students in the Sugar Bowl 01 is long in the honeypot pampered mean, single-breasted small waist bumps, the front looks like a half-height strap apron, but in reality it is the graceful curve of the waist extension, the most eye-catching is lantern design side by side with leather strap trouser pocket, a great vintage ladies excellent Masanori children.
That touch of gorgeous waist
"Water Yi Yao ", " narrow belt  " , if other people use these two words to describe you, be sure heart Intuit happy now ! I ask the woman does not like his slender waist incomparably it ? Do not cut down a time it does not matter , powerful belt can help you solve the embarrassing bucket waist , so you instantly have waistline .Is handsome , or sweet ? Shoulder loops , loop sleeves , pockets and belt layers sliding scale hearty handsome personalized leather stitching will distribute thoroughly, double-breasted design is also fitted valiant general sense of the show thoroughly . Using rabbit it will be tough style texture quietly soften , mellow atmosphere is still moving tempted.Generous and beautiful camel coat to enhance female elegance , crisp fabrics will have a convex body polish , willowy among oblique zipper added toughness confirms strong independent women , simple wide version of the belt to create the perfect physique . Black sunglasses and handbags color uniform more noble taste.At first glance , the luxury introverted ; second eye , very elegant. Experience joy and smiles in style between his best style, suede sherpa collar and cuffs perfectly convey the lovely atmosphere , exquisite decorative belt stature also under Smart charming.
Models wild love with belt
Bought a new beautiful clothes possible existence of such small flaws , such as not enough Slim , style is too simple, this time you need a delicate wild belt to inject new vitality into the shape . Although thin narrow belt   no strong visual impact, but give the overall temperament played skillfully deflected the lifting effect . A relatively pure color , style simple dress, if you want to wear clothing with new ideas , coupled with exquisite slim candy color belt, it was a little more delicate and agile .While playing Guaiguai Pai 's blue white dress is very clean looking, like Daren poser but feel something was lacking . Coupled with one to two thin belt , you can choose with their own preferences and match colors, hit the color a little small so that the overall feeling becomes not the same, youthful atmosphere natural, this is the shape of careful machine Oh . Gorgeous gorgeous delicate embroidery first time be able to seize the line of sight , for the national wind or Sen female line of the MM course it is indispensable companion match , and even take the fashion line of the MM can also use it to carry out different styles mix it , the side plate buttons to show asymmetrical three tiny delicate classical Chinese style.
Belt and skirt with skills
Whether pants or dresses, the embellishment of the waistband, you can perfect presentation waist effect, highlight your S-shaped curve. Generally speaking, in the long section of the dress with a belt only required in order to adjust the proportion of the body, legs look slim. Meanwhile, belts and shape some of the best single product echoes, for example, and shoes, bags or scarves same color or the same color, so it will look Coordination:  Slim black sleeveless dress, patent leather belt with snake pattern in fashionable rendering, it becomes noble and charming temperament capable. Matt black patent leather narrow belt   simplicity and minimalist design skirt with elegant, attend business parties, this dress is sufficient to attract admiring glances.Older women want to show style, this brown crimp Dress Do not miss! Thin material, fine wrinkles, highlights the elegant quality, fine leather cord with a brown belt, looks random, but full of flavor. Thin cortex most suitable for tall skinny thin belt of MM, fully embodies the elegance waistline.