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How should one hundred films deposited
Toportable beltused for a long time, we must store the Word, and the following for you to explain one hundred pieces of storage methodBecause one hundred pieces have an optimal use of and best use, and therefore one hundred films deposited have certain requirements, so that one hundred pieces to play the best results.1 first with the implementation of advanced principles, to ensure ceramic belt of the best use of the product.2 one hundred pieces products packaging and transportation must be complete and avoid squeezing, keep dry and ventilated, shall not be exposed damp.3 ways to neatly stacked flat, height does not exceed 2 meters, not long diagonal and pressure, to prevent deformation.
Tool material
To achieve high-speed cutting tool material is the key. High-speed cutting materials carbide coated tools, cermet, ceramics, cubic boron nitride and diamond tools. They have their own advantages, suitable for different workpiece materials and cutting speed range. Must be noted that between the tool material and the workpiece material, an adaptation problem, i.e., a good performance in the tool material processing of a workpiece material, but is not ideal when processing another workpiece material, in other words, there is no A method suitable for of all workpiece material high-speed processing the universal tool material. Speed ??cutting tool material must be selected based on the processing of the workpiece material and processing properties. In general, ceramic cutting tools, coated tools and CBN tools suitable for high-speed machining of steel and other ferrous metals; The PCD tool suitable for ceramic cutting tools have been applied to the processing of high-speed processing of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, magnesium, copper; variety of cast iron, steel, thermal spraying spray welding material, nickel-based high-temperature alloys; granite core bits,diamond tool suitable for processing non-metallic materials, non-ferrous metals and their alloys. Poor thermal stability of the diamond cutting temperature reaches 800 ° C, it will lose its hardness. Because diamond and iron has a strong chemical affinity to easily interact with the carbon atoms to convert it to a graphite structure, the tool is very easy to damage in the high temperature iron atoms in the processing of steel-based material, and therefore not suitable for diamond tool in cutting non-ferrous metal PCD tool life of carbide cutting tools, dozens or even hundreds of times. Cubic boron nitride cutting of hardened steel, bearing steel, high speed steel, chilled cast iron coarse and fine turning both competent, but also qualified for the high-speed cutting of high-temperature alloys, thermal spray materials, carbide and other difficult-to-machine materials. CBN tools is one of the best tool for turning instead of grinding.diamond discs
How to choose the grinding wheel
1, the selection of abrasiveThe most commonly used abrasive is corundum (A) and white fused alumina (WA), followed by the black silicon carbide (C) and green silicon carbide (GC), the remaining common chromium corundum (PA), a single crystal corundum (SA) , microcrystalline corundum (MA), zirconium corundum (ZA).Corundum grinding wheel: corundum hardness, toughness, suitable for grinding high tensile strength of the metal, such as carbon steel, alloy steel, malleable iron, hard bronze, this abrasive grinding performance, wide adaptability, commonly used in the removal of a larger margin of kibble, cheap, cutting wheel and can be widely used.White corundum grinding wheel: white corundum hardness slightly higher than corundum, toughness than brown fused alumina, grinding, abrasive shatter easily, grinding heat, suitable for the manufacture of fine grinding of hardened steel, high carbon steel, high-speed steel and grinding of thin-walled parts with the grinding wheel, the cost is higher than brown fused alumina.Black silicon carbide grinding wheel: black silicon carbide is brittle and sharp and hardness than white fused alumina, suitable for grinding lower mechanical strength of the material, such as cast iron, brass, aluminum and refractory.Green silicon carbide grinding wheel: green silicon carbide hardness brittle than black silicon carbide abrasive sharp, good thermal conductivity, suitable for grinding carbide, optical glass, ceramic and other hard and brittle materials. 2. Choice of granularityThe grinding wheel is coarse-grained, high production efficiency, but coarser grind the workpiece surface; using fine-grained grinding wheel, grind the workpiece surface roughness, and lower productivity. The premise meet roughness requirements, you should try to use coarse-grained grinding wheel in order to ensure high efficiency of grinding. General coarse grinding wheel, coarse-grained selection selection of fine-grained grinding wheel fine grinding.cutting disc
Diamond grinding wheel matrix commonly used size
You ask this question is very general.In parallel to the grinding wheel is concerned, first said the entire size of the grinding wheel china, the outer diameter * inner diameter * thickness * working layer, the the matrix outer diameter = grinding wheel diameter - working layer thickness (abrasive layer).YG-3 carbide as the substrate is relatively preferable base in the content of Co is relatively directly affect the quality of the surface of the diamond, Co has the role of promoting diamond graphitization, Co also provide toughness of cemented carbide elements,