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Taobao shop to buy a film which is better
Are similar, most of them are no problem. Focus is your vision, with your experience to the election. Another point is that, in order confirmation when he called me a bad attitude if he do not buy his. Taobao  shop roll  on the film material is also good I bought from there did not appear very good quality stores do not use A fundamental situation is still relatively reasonable price definitely cheaper than outside the store's attitude is really good seller asked questions are answered in detail to me you can go to Taobao search inside look at this store
Brush application environment
sanding roll  with wooden or plastic brush body, bristle brush nail into the body by a machine . Tufting brush body with through shaft or pipe together with supply -side journal . Shell-shaped brush blocks can also be fixed to the tubular body brush , this structure makes it possible for the shaft without removing brush for easy replacement .Special plastic wire brush brush roller dedicated to steel beams and profiles shot blasting equipment , brush roller is used to blast the surface of the workpiece material cleaned. 2-4 by the brush roller on the drive shaft section fixed to the brush blocks. When a wire brush wear , they can repopulate the body of the brush wire brush , and then used again.For health reasons, for example : in the food industry , may be sealed to prevent bacterial penetration punching . In these applications , all the punching are sealed with casting resin , to obtain a uniform surface , the sealing material also protect the wire brush .Planting brush can be of various lengths , morphology , diameter manufacturing, the use of different materials, wire brush . Planting brush with wood or plastic brush body, if the customer needs , can provide steel shaft . Because the brush structure has infinite possibilities, we provide planting brush for each application customization services . Advanced production facilities enable us to produce a variety of sizes , a variety of planting brush wire brush , to meet all application needs.
How to Shop blanket volume work
School has been in the past half- semester , for this semester 's Montessori child is also more interesting. Children "work" is inseparable from the work of blankets, which should do the work shop roll blanket roll it ? Here 's a look at how they operate outside of the baby blanket his work it ~1 , both hands tucked working blanket ( blanket holding his hands on either side of the work , the work of your thumb on the blanket roll axis , the other four fingers clenched on the outside ) slowly stood up, work blanket 5-10 cm away from the body distance , gently walked back to his place.2 , the working position with both hands on his blanket roll open Operating blanket, blanket feet with the commencement of work backwards , work commenced after half blanket blanket in his hands to the sides from the paving in the swing. 3 , after the commencement of the work blanket , his hands to organize .4 , the work roll blanket, blanket hands to work from top to bottom fold , roll up the top layer of the work blanket, a little further lira continued roll until it can no longer pull himself , blanket off the remaining work , forward roll . Working blanket rolled up after the end of standing pat on the ground , make the work blanket blanket neatly hands after work to get back .
Filing of some simple ways
Filing method is  shop roll   the author according to the documents, the name, the issues involved, the time, place, people, and send and receive text organs and other characteristics are summarized test paper, test paper according to a characteristic of which can also be used in combination of several characteristics . Under the existing authorities, generally the first document is divided into different series, different types of files Filing using different methods. Such as: ① comprehensive documents (reports, plans, summary), according to the author dossier, or a combination of time, and geographical characteristics of Filing. ② conference papers, basically according to the author of Filing. Large meeting documents are available for a number of volumes, the general meeting documents are available for a roll, the same content can be combined in several papers stand volume. ③ issues paper, according to the test paper problem combined with the author, the appropriate classification. ④ case materials, the problem usually Filing. One case the material should be put together, depending on the file link, quantity and storage period, legislation into a roll or several volumes. General authority (other than the judiciary) in the case, if a small number of case materials can be combined Filing similar cases. Such files are not graded, regardless of the author. ⑤ national economic plan, statistical reports, roster, presentations, press the file name Filing. ⑥ people's letters, according to the problem, or stand by geographical features such as the number of volumes.Filing organizational procedures, first in the dossier before formulating specific plans, pro forma year normalized volume entry document classification, called Filing categories. It is written in terms of form, each of the terms, including the author of a set of files, the problem with the name, followed by storage period indicated. The name of the terms of the docket is expected to be heading. Second, do a good job usually normalized volumes, files that have been collected at any time or on a regular basis according to the terms set out in category Filing owned by people roll folder. Finally, the end of the year a comprehensive inspection to adjust, and then determine the test paper. Component files, the files within the volume systematic and technical processing of files, including: roll arrangement within the file system to write the page number within the volume file, fill volumes within the file directory and Ending pro forma tables, bound volumes, complete docket covers.