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Classification and uses of diamond resin grinding wheel
2012-12-05 by seoer10

Resin grinding wheel, also known as resin knife grinding wheel, resin grinding wheel, depending on product model variety for the election (parallel to the cutting wheel, parallel with the arc grinding wheel sided concave grinding wheel, double hypotenuse grinding wheel, bowl-shaped grinding wheel).
The resin wheel at different purposes there are different types of grinding wheel, parallel to the grindstone is mainly used for the carbide cylindrical grinding and edge processing; parallel with arc grindstone is mainly used for grinding, circular arc surface of the carbide forming molded grinding cut; sided concave grinding wheel for grinding the gages and coreless matte turbine; dual hypotenuse wheel is mainly used for carbide gear hobs, thread cutter molding grinding; bowl-shaped grinding wheel: mainly used for carbide sharpening of cutting tools, high speed steel cutting tools can also be used for milling.
Resin grinding wheel with a good polishing, grinding grinding wheel sharp, easy to plug, currently grinding, cutting metal industrial use is very common.

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