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Tools industry in recent years as some machinery industry to develop a new type of tool, efficient or innovative technology features play an important role in promoting the progress of the industry processing technology. Such as the mold industrial development of plug milling (drilling) knife, multifunction cutter, large feed milling cutter, horn cutter tool, to improve the efficiency of mold processing, innovative mold processing technology has played a very important role. Therefore, enterprises should participate in training courses, seminars, visits to exhibitions and learning opportunities and channels of information through magazines, advertising, professional website, to understand and collect the latest progress of the tool in the industry, as I used to, so that the enterprise has always maintained a the advanced machining levels and leading processing efficiency.

In addition, part of the common achievements, such as indexable tool instead of welding knife, shaving light car blade with a rake angle helical edge milling insert indexable inserts and other cutting technology, instead of general-purpose high-speed steel cutting tools overall hard alloy drills, end mills and other cutting tools, tool to improve a wide range of large cars, milling, drilling process of processing efficiency universal effect, cutting disc and has already proven production practices, has been part of our corporate applications. But the inescapable fact is that there is still a considerable number of enterprises for various reasons, has not fully adopted this part of the technology in use has lagged behind the tool, which have long hindered the development of enterprises. Enterprises should systematically using common advanced cutting technology and tool quick change tool backwardness.

Above meet real demand tool only comes to the role of enterprise development, stone cutting wheel and cutting technology as the main basis of machining process and tool has a more important role in the long-term development of the enterprise, because it is the independent development of enterprises to build important part of the system and improve the technological innovation capability. The enterprise innovation including product innovation and manufacturing process innovation. For product innovation, to complete the structural design is just the first step in the development of new products, and its commissioning is often go through the innovation of the manufacturing process, and only contains new product manufacturing process know-how is a viable product. Therefore, the manufacturing process of innovation is the key to enterprise development technologies. Cutting process and tool innovation occupies an important position in the manufacturing process innovation. Such as the new type of aluminum alloy used in the aircraft industry overall thin-walled structures instead of welding, riveting assembly members to reduce the weight of components to improve strength, lower manufacturing costs, and the overall thin-walled structures should finally be able to put into the main thanks to the development of the new technology of high-speed cutting of aluminum alloy.

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Tool new materials into high quality, wear-efficient and practical new stage. Vigorously promote the new materials, tools technology foundation.

(1) high-performance high-speed steel, cobalt high-speed steel, powder high speed steel.

(2) two knives is an indispensable weapon in the automotive parts processing: CBN, PCD. The the CBN surface milling cutting speed up to 5000m/min, instead of grinding machining of hard materials, the surface roughness of 0.22μm. PCD machining aluminum cylinder roughing cutting speed of up to 360m/min.

(3) fine particles and ultrafine particles carbide materials, superhard cutting tool materials, including ceramic, metal, ceramic, CBN, the PCN, which can be the cutting efficiency increased by 50%, high-speed cutting tool material. Hard pieces of cutting is an important application area for high-speed cutting technology. Single blade, multi-point cutting tool machining hardened parts than traditional grinding efficiency, abrasive tools and simplify the process method and process aspects, cost savings, and more flexible. The ultra-fine grain carbide is suitable for most drilling and milling applications, such as carbide wire-tapping, end mills.

(4) the development of coating technology is the mainstream of the development of the early 21st century tool material. : CVD, PVD, the coating material stars: hard coating, soft coating method of coating technology. The hard coat layer having a high hardness, high abrasion resistance. The soft coating with a low coefficient of friction, reduce the cutting forces and temperatures. The coating has a monolayer, multilayer coatings, gradient coating. "Soft - hard" composite coating, super-hard film coating, cutting wheel,nano coating. Soft coating materials MoS2, WS2, TaS2 its portfolio (solid lubricating materials) suitable for high-temperature, high-speed, large load cutting under special conditions. MoS2/Ti coated tool is suitable for low-speed intermittent cutting. The "soft" coatings can be used to dry-cut.

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