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Abrasives market pattern has formed energy conservation issues still
As a special  Bonded abrasives  industry , there is a problem in terms of abrasive smelting energy conservation , domestic overcapacity exists corundum , with the implementation of national energy conservation policy , the policy focus will be eliminated next corundum industry backward production capacity. The next five years the development of abrasives industry will also be a keynote of the whole tone of national economic policy . Abrasive abrasive and abrasive collectively, including abrasive products and abrasive products. Known as the industrial abrasive teeth reputation. It involves a range from aerospace to almost all areas of health care , etc. , so far not yet available alternative . Our abrasive market after nearly a decade of development, the market pattern has been basically formed . China has become the largest producer of abrasive , but not power. As a special abrasive industry , there is a problem in terms of abrasive smelting energy conservation , domestic overcapacity exists corundum , with the implementation of national energy conservation policy , the policy focus will be eliminated next corundum industry backward production capacity.Industry analysts believe that to maintain the abrasive industry healthy and orderly development , but also needs to resolve the following issues : the production capacity of decentralized , small- scale , low efficiency , the current size and structure of abrasive enterprises are still quite reasonable, industry concentration is low , still account for a large proportion of small businesses ; new product development capability is weak , the domestic abrasive products are mainly concentrated in the low-end market , low technological content of products , and the lack of high- technology products , mainly dependent on imports , only to meet automotive , aerospace, machine tools, bearings, locomotives and ships and other industrial needs about 1/3 ; overcapacity, low product homogeneity serious , including alumina production is particularly prominent. Energy saving , clean production will show in the abrasive industry production areas , in addition to the national policy on machinery , shipbuilding , automobiles, aircraft and other areas will also have a great impact on the production and development of abrasive . Abrasive enterprises should technological innovation and new product development direction to seek a breakthrough , the development of high-end abrasive products and reduce dependence on imports . The next five years the development of abrasives industry will also be a keynote of the whole tone of national economic policy .
Sandpaper sales market problems what
Perhaps you  sandpaper  in regular use, which is a method of grinding metal, wood and other surfaces to make them smooth and clean. Is a brand new product with a cleaning tool. In the past, the production businesses or consumers will encounter a lot about the name of the unity, the material is not standardized, the product composition chaos and product strength index can not be guaranteed and so on.1 name is not standardized: the extension of the belt as well as its wide variety of products, the substrate used many varieties, all enterprises and court their names, varied, to bring users a great deal of inconvenience .2 Material confusion: the Burkina Faso, for example, there are products on the market in cotton, blended with cotton, there are generally cotton, there are interwoven, where the ratio is different, no uniform standard to follow. Another example is the most commonly used the largest amount of water-soluble phenolic resin, has no uniform standards. 3 can not be guaranteed intensity index: Since the strength of the base fabric structure and the fiber material is closely related to a general data can not fully reflect the strength properties of the materials, such as steel, the strength of paper without the thickness, softness link, it will not used in production, such as cotton fabric, add a little fiber strength has increased a lot, but has changed the texture of the fabric, the quality is not the same. But now, with the consumer's awareness of the concept of strengthening, and now there is no way for a lot of businesses sandpaper quality shoddy, deceptive. Even now some of the offending business or have a certain market, but as long as the quality is not enough to protect the product, it will always be is to see through the day.
Preparation of fixed abrasive polishing pad and polishing applied research
it is widely used in single crystal silicon substrate and the metal interconnect layer structure between the planarization layer and other processing. However, conventional CMP technology there are still some shortcomings and limitations, such as poor process stability, low efficiency, high cost and serious environmental pollution. Fixed abrasive chemical mechanical polishing technology came into being, it can fundamentally solve the lack of free abrasive polishing process, improve processing efficiency, improve the surface quality of the workpiece, reducing waste to deal with stress, protect the environment and reduce production costs. This article was prepared from a fixed abrasive polishing pad to proceed, through the polishing pad matrix analysis of the factors affecting performance, and explore its workpiece material removal rate and surface quality after machining impact and achieve high material removal rate and high machining accuracy consolidation abrasives polishing pad.This paper work and achieve results is as follows:1) proposed pad substrate properties (swelling rate, hardness) evaluation methods, the use of orthogonal experiment method to analyze the various components of the matrix characteristics. The results showed that: TMPTA swelling ratio of the substrate and wet state were particularly remarkable hardness, PUA wet the substrate hardness particularly significant influence.2) describes two fixed abrasive polishing pad preparation method, and its polished performance were compared. To 2.5 ~ 5μm diamond as abrasive, abrasive prepared eight kinds of consolidation on K9 optical glass polishing pad and wafer polishing exploratory trial. The results showed that: the low swelling rate of the workpiece material removal rate helps to improve and reduce the surface roughness of the work piece; low hardness can be obtained wet low surface roughness and high material removal rate.3) the use of specific swelling ratio and wet fixed abrasive polishing pad hardness silicon wafer, cell phone panel glass and K9 optical glass polishing experiment with traditional free abrasive polishing process to compare the results showed that: the current stage, CeO2 consolidation abrasive polishing pad on the wafer material removal rate is very low, and the phone on the K9 optical glass panel glass material removal nor abrasive polish such as free, but slightly better surface quality.4) Comparison of diamond abrasives fixed abrasive polishing with free silicon and other materials, the results showed that: 5 ~ 10μm diamond fixed abrasive polishing pad material removal rate of silicon is three times the free abrasive polishing, while achieving the self-dressing function; fixed abrasive polishing abrasive particle size dependent on the absence of free abrasive polishing so strong, using 2.5 ~ 5μm and 5 ~ 10μm diamond abrasive polishing can get equally good surface quality; and from the surface after machining Scratches From analysis of two polishing polishing characteristics.
Abrasive cleaning efficiency
 Abrasive many varieties, are: steel grit, steel shot, quartz sand, corundum, copper ore, glass sand, walnut shells, aluminum balls, stainless steel balls. Should be based on different substrates and different requirements, select a different   abrasives . In principle, the same material used abrasive substrate is the best way. Indeed in a certain pressure, the higher the hardness of the abrasive, cleaning efficiency is also higher; abrasive particles is small, the efficiency is relatively high. As pressure feed-blasting machine nozzle between 6 to 12 mm, therefore, the larger abrasive particles through the nozzle aperture out of the number of particles, the less the impact unit area of ​​the surface of the points is less, blasting efficiency is low. Conversely, the smaller abrasive particles through the nozzle aperture number of particles out of the more efficient the blasting. However, if the abrasive particle diameter is less than 0.05 mm, like dust, impact kinetic energy of the workpiece surface is small, no power, efficiency will be not high.