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Wear mechanism of diamond tools generally have the following: friction and wear, abrasive broken, binders crushing and abrasive wear, surface fatigue and impact, friction and wear of abrasive grinding blunt and polished binder crushing the grit offabrasives wear due to the weakening of the strength of the binding agent to promote theabrasive disc. Different wear mechanism is different from the process, such as: micro feed grinding of structural ceramics with diamond wheel, diamond grinding wheel wear mainly three forms: friction and wear, abrasive broken and broken binder; addition Another form of wear is the binding agent is abrasive.
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Analysis showed that the consumption of abrasives in a growth trend, the global annual consumption of abrasive will show 5.9% growth to 2013 will reach thirty-eight billion U.S. dollars. The first to achieve growth region was Asia, Middle East / Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America, four regional consumer demand for grinding will surpass the United States, Japan and Western Europe.

Abrasive consumption mainly due to steady economic growth and steady industrial development, thus boosting consumer durables production continues to expand and increase investment in fixed assets. China, India and Russia share of sales accounted for a larger portion ofcoated abrasive.

Expected in 2013 the United States, Italy and France, the growth in demand for grinding will be less than one percent, and Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom each year abrasive consumer demand will decline. The end result is to buy abrasive consumption per capita will increase as the cost of production of various products increases. And Canada, South Korea and Spain abrasive sales are expected to be relatively stable economic development and increased demand in the industrialized developed regions in industrial output in the three countries has been in a leading position.

Global consumer demand is mainly abrasive nonmetallic abrasive products, including: bonded abrasives, coated abrasives and abrasives, polishing powder, grinding wheel and so on. Expected 2013 sales will occupy most of the non-metallic abrasives market will exceed sales ofBonded abrasives, for example: ball blasting, steel grit, steel wire brushes and abrasive. Consumer durables market is undoubtedly the largest abrasive sales target, accounting for two-thirds of total demand for abrasive products. The analysis of the global consumer trends and abrasive, an authoritative industry by the United States Institute of relevant statistical data to make a forecast of future market development.

Especially China will overtake the U.S. as the world's largest consumer market, abrasive, is expected to 2013 China's consumption will account for abrasive products worldwide demand for two-thirds of new additions. Thailand and Indonesia in Southeast Asia sales will show good growth momentum.
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