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In the stone processing, grinding is an essential process. For different stone, to choose a different tool, so as to polish the stone intact. Superhard abrasive made ​​of abrasive has its own advantages.
Made of super abrasive grinding its advantages mainly in the following aspects:
(1) determine the hardness of the abrasive performance of the main features. Abrasive itself has a very high hardness, and therefore can process a variety of high hardness materials, in particular of abrasive materials are difficult to machine materials. For example, diamond abrasive machining carbide and ceramics, agate, optical glass, semiconductor materials, stone, concrete and other non-metallic materials and non-ferrous metals; machining with CBN abrasive tool steel, tool steel, stainless steel, resistant to hot alloy, etc., especially processing of high vanadium high speed steel and other ferrous metals, can obtain satisfactory processing results.
(2) superhard abrasives less wear, long life cycle, grinding ratio, in reasonable conditions of use, the availability of good economic results, especially for difficult machining with an ordinary abrasive materials, better economy .
(3) superhard abrasives shape and size of changes in the use of extremely slow, is conducive to grinding operations, processing and need frequent replacement wheel, can greatly save hours of work, more suitable for automatic processing of high-precision parts online. Superhard  abrasives  used rarely trimmed some resin bonded superhard abrasives or may not need trimming, thus greatly improving the working conditions.
(4) superhard abrasives long time to maintain a sharp cutting edge, because the grinding force is smaller, which is not only conducive to the accuracy and finish machined parts to improve, but also reduce the power consumption of the machine.
(5) superhard abrasives grinding lower temperature, can greatly improve the surface quality of the workpiece to avoid parts cracks, burns, organizational change and other ills; also greatly improved parts machined surface stress conditions conducive parts life extension, so that comprehensive economic indicators improved.

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 Abrasive many varieties, are: steel grit, steel shot, quartz sand, corundum, copper ore, glass sand, walnut shells, aluminum balls, stainless steel balls. Should be based on different substrates and different requirements, select a different   abrasives . In principle, the same material used abrasive substrate is the best way. Indeed in a certain pressure, the higher the hardness of the abrasive, cleaning efficiency is also higher; abrasive particles is small, the efficiency is relatively high. As pressure feed-blasting machine nozzle between 6 to 12 mm, therefore, the larger abrasive particles through the nozzle aperture out of the number of particles, the less the impact unit area of ​​the surface of the points is less, blasting efficiency is low. Conversely, the smaller abrasive particles through the nozzle aperture number of particles out of the more efficient the blasting. However, if the abrasive particle diameter is less than 0.05 mm, like dust, impact kinetic energy of the workpiece surface is small, no power, efficiency will be not high.
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