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(1) tool type; ② workpiece material; ③ cutting speed and feed rate range.

(4) commercialized

① for mass production in a cost-effective manner; ② training sales force to promote their products.cut off wheel

This time period of the development process can be quite long (especially when some technical problems difficult to solve). As can be seen from the development of superhard tool coating chronology may encounter many obstacles in the development process. Therefore, linking suppliers with the correct application of the tool material is the key to the successful commercialization of tool material. The next question is: these tool materials have a large enough market size is worth to develop?abrasive disc

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The tool management basic function is to reduce the tool costs, thereby reducing the manufacturing cost of the enterprise. The tool costs can be divided into two parts: (1) the direct costs of the tool, the tool that procurement costs. This part of the costs due to the specific situation of the same parts manufacturing cost usually accounts for 2% to 5%. For this part of the cost of tools, a more consistent view is: Do sided pursuit of the lower part of the cost of tools, because it has to reduce the contribution of the manufacturing cost is very limited, and the active use of high-performance tool to improve processing efficiency, reduce manufacturing costs effect greater. ② enterprises and the indirect costs incurred for the use and management tools, including the tool procurement, storage, assembly, commissioning, regrinding and recoating and other aspects of staff salaries, housing and equipment depreciation expenses, including the excess procurement occupied the funds Interest and waste caused by unreasonable use. Information that this part of the costs accounted for 15% of the cost of production, or even 30%, far more than the direct cost of the tool.nonwoven belt

The scientific tool management tool to reduce inventory, reduce the occupancy of personnel, capital, plant, equipment, reduce equipment knife errors, overheads significantly reduce tool has a great potential to reduce the cost of production. Existing instances of tool management tool varieties can reduce by up to 20%, and reduce the turnover number of the tool more than 30%.

On the basis of the basic functions of the tool management and the modern tool management also has advanced features to optimize the process, improve processing efficiency. , Tool management software in the design of the processing according to the workpiece material, the use of machine tools and other processing conditions better tool and cutting parameters better, improve cutting efficiency, ensure the effect of processing quality. In addition, in a timely and correct for the knife also can reduce the CNC machine down until the knife's time to improve the utilization of the expensive CNC machine tools (according to the different circumstances of each enterprise, CNC machine tool utilization can be increased from 5% to 50%), and the same can be bring direct economic benefits to the enterprise.coated abrasive

keywords:ceramic belt
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