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( A ) by use of a different classification .ceramic flap disc  : such as cutlery , tea sets, cylinder , altar , pots. Cans. 2 . Ceramic Art : such as vases , sculptures . Furnishings and so on. 3 . Industrial ceramics : Refers used in various industrial ceramic products. Is divided into the following six aspects: ( 1 ) building a sanitary ceramics : eg brick, drains, tiles, exterior wall tiles , sanitary ware , etc. its ; ( 2 ) , chemical ceramics : the chemical industry for a variety of acid-resistant containers , pipelines, towers , pumps, valves, and 11:50 acid brick masonry lining , gray , etc. ; ( 3 ) , the chemical porcelain : for chemical laboratories porcelain crucible , evaporating dish , burning boat , research bodies , etc. ; ( 4 ) , porcelain : for the power industry insulators high voltage transmission lines . Motor cannula pillar insulation in low voltage electrical insulators and lighting , as well as telecommunications insulator , insulators , etc. radios ; ( 5 ) , refractory subjects : for a variety of high-temperature industrial furnace refractories ; ( 6 ) , special Ceramics : rejection to all kinds of modern industry and cutting-edge science and technology of special ceramic products, there are high alumina quality porcelain, porcelain stone magnesium , titanium, magnesium porcelain stone , zircon stone porcelain, lithium- quality porcelain, as well as magnetic porcelain, metal ceramics.
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"Many people once thought that the collective lack of local enterprises in Jiangxi ceramic Marketing boss just conceptual issues that business owners do not understand these ceramic marketing, selling only know simple things, but the fact is that the collective lack of ceramic enterprises and enterprise marketing, although Contact the owner has a great concept, but yet producing the  ceramic flap disc current actual situation and inextricably relationship. "a ceramic professional managers said so. The so-called reality, including the company's strengths, marketing model, brand building, innovation, product positioning. It is understood that when the ceramic was founded, as the first marketing of high security establishment of local enterprises, Luo Qun, general manager of the company in Foshan Ceramic hired a well-known brand promotion of a marketing manager who served as his company's marketing manager, meanwhile, The manager also led Foshan relevant supporting designers organized a six person marketing team in high security functions work began marketing the true meaning. However, this sector only lasted six months, along with Roosevelt's first ceramic tiles production lines in operation, due to product positioning issues, the marketing department has been working slowly this marketing model can not adapt to the enterprise. In fact, there are still some areas of high security concept, brand-conscious business leaders to take advantage of the marketing department to complete some of the problems the company's sales, as we have repeatedly mentioned the brand planning, VI, supporting the design, and so on. However, according to the areas of the current product positioning, market positioning, marketing is difficult to play its functional role.
 We all know that the current pan-enterprise is still in the early stages of the development of a stable, fast selling products all businesses survive to become the only "good policy." Thus it spawned a "short, frequent, fast" sales model. In a sense, marketing is more involved in a number of strategic issues and strategies, see the benefits of the enterprise in the short term. This is the reality of the situation with the current generation of high-security areas of corporate conflicts.
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