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How cut off disc made ​​out of? Faced with this problem, many people may have no way to answer them. Our desktop computer, can be assembled in the form of manufacturing, such as the processor, memory, hard drives, motherboards and other accessories, installed in the chassis, on the formation of a computer. And a motherboard is through the circuit board wiring, patch, welding, plug-ins, and then welding procedure done. However, a thin disc, how does it in order to create out of it?
To understand disc manufacturing principles, we must first understand the structure of the disc, and its structure is closely related with the manufacturing process. As we all know, the disc is just a general term, it is divided into two categories, one is read-only discs, including CD-Audio, CD-Video, CD-ROM, DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, etc.; another a Class is a recordable optical disc, which includes CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD R, DVD RW, DVD-RAM, Double layer DVD R and other types.
Depending on the disc configuration, the optical disc is divided into CD, DVD, Blu-ray disc types, these types of discs, the structure differ, but the principle is the same main structure. The read-only CD-ROM and CD recordable disc is no difference in the structure, the main difference in the materials they use and some of the different manufacturing processes, DVD side is the same reason. Now, let's use an example to explain the CD.
Our common CD-ROM is very thin, it is only 1.2mm thick, but it does include a lot of content. As can be seen from Figure 1, CD discs are divided into five layers including the substrate, a recording layer, a reflective layer, a protective layer, a print layer. Now, we will be described separately.
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Recordable  cut off disc   must have several conditions, one of your computer to install the burner; two is to install the burning software; Third, there is a blank disc. Satisfy these three conditions you can burn a CD. First, a blank disc into the burner will run burning software, select you burn CD-R or burn DVD-R, which is the common choice is burned disc or DVD disc, and then choose a good burn options, for example you want to burn a data disc select the option to burn a data disc; video disc you want to burn video disc burning on the choice of options that you want to copy the disc to select copy Disc options. Then follow the prompts to load the files you want to burn to the burning software, complete click the "Burn" button

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