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Cut is turning in the bar or piece cut off disc  into two ( or several paragraphs ) processing methods. Knife blade clamping tools are used . Cutter blade knife with a blade that can be placed groove processing if the blade bad, not bad knife , the blade can be taken out , go to the mill , grinding put something good , you can continue turning, machining a workpiece .
Compared with other other cutting knife , knife blade is not cutting machine folder after high-temperature soldering , welding tools like the same can be avoided , because the carbide blade welding cracks , reducing tool life , use when desoldering and Arbor used only once and other shortcomings , the use of a mechanical clamping of the blade is fixed in the arbor , with a blunt blade can be replaced after a good blade sharpening a new turning . Therefore, increase tool life and tool holders can be used repeatedly , with time as long as the blade replaced , reducing the processing time, improve work efficiency, reduce waste of resources.
Compact structure, less components , clamping reliable, easy loading and unloading . Blades can always come up , easy regrinding the blade utilization high. Blade wear , chipping can be adjusted freely and exchange. 1 ) Tool low intensity , precision can not meet the job requirements .
2 ) the development of a flourishing era in NC , knife styles and functions , and the aging process parameters too , can not meet the development needs.
3 ) section produces uneven phenomenon, there are four specifications cutting knife , to have four kinds of knife matching tooling repeatedly, the waste of resources.
4 ) have limitations and can not meet the special structure processing .
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cut off disc  printing specifications printing size (printable area): Standard CD-R and DVD, outer diameter ≤ 118mm, inner diameter ≥ 22 mm; 8 cm small cap, outer diameter ≤ 78mm, inner diameter ≥ 22 mm; color specification: CMYK, minimum 300DPI, the actual size of film, anti-negative, 175 LPI all text should be converted to vector. Graphic center hole must have a crosshair on the bit, must concentric inner and outer circle. Mac users: If you define fonts, saved as TIFF format files. Otherwise, the custom fonts may not display correctly unless the customer provides an electronic document that contains these font files. Receive the PC version of mapping software: Photoshop 5.0, Illustrator 8.0, Corel Draw 9.0 received MAC version of the mapping software: Photoshop 5.0, Illustrator 8.0 Quark 3.3/4.0 Note: CD-R surface of the printed colors may be slightly different from the pattern color. However, CD-R printing ultimate goal is infinitely close to the pattern you provide.
keywords:cut off disc
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