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Widely used in fine diamond ultra-thin grinding wheel to close the slot and cut off. Using deep creep feed grinding method, this method has the following advantages: grinding depth, feed rate, a large contact area of ??the grinding wheel and the workpiece, narrow kerf, high metal removal rate, grinding and high precision machined surface quality good and material utilization. Should be noted that in the course of the following matters:
      Check carefully before installing the cutting wheel, and confirm whether the cutting wheel deformation, cracks, cutting wheel. When the flange is too small or poor accuracy, easy to damage the cutting wheel, please improved. When marked with a direction of rotation of the cutting wheel, it is necessary to be consistent with the machine rotary direction. Opposite the cut is not sharp, it is difficult to play to the performance of the cutting wheel. If you use the cut workpiece does not match the cutting wheel, prone to normal wear and tear, poor sharpness, abnormal heating. Abnormal cutting process, should be shut down immediately. When the cut is not sharp, grinding wheel dressing the blade. If you continue to use the overheating overload leaving the grinding wheel breakage. Non-hand operation for cutting, grinding wheel, not to hand and body contact grinding wheel. The cutting wheel is non other than for grooving or cut jobs to avoid uneven force an exception occurs.
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        Resin diamond grindstone and electroplated diamond grinding wheels of the main difference lies in the different binding agents, resin diamond grindstone mainly using phenolic resin plus a small amount of metal powder as a binding agent, electroplated diamond grinding wheel by electrodeposition method will be a nickel-cobalt alloy deposited on the metal substrate surface and fixing diamond abrasive grinding wheel, Production, the main difference is that their performance:
1, in terms of processing efficiency, due to the higher grade of abrasive electroplated grinding wheel and only a layer of abrasive, thermal performance has its own advantages, so efficient processing of electroplated diamond grinding wheel;
2 aspects of life, plating grinding wheel is only one layer of abrasive, plating the life of the cutting wheel will be inferior to resin diamond grinding wheel;
3, the machining accuracy for the surface roughness of the workpiece, the same particle size of the case, the electroplated grinding wheel machining out of the surface roughness should be some difference.
        From a performance point of view, diamond grinding wheel is used for grinding of brittle material and a metal material such as glass, ceramics, ferrite, semiconductor material, the shape of the carbide material processing, electrolytic grinding, and grinding with diamond machining center the drill grinding heavy duty cutting, grinding, good wear resistance, high efficiency, long life characteristics.

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