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 With CNC  cut off wheel  is more and more widely applied in various industries , how to choose the CNC cutting machine becomes an issue , today we have to analyze.
CNC plasma cutting machine with high-quality , high-precision , easy to operate , and other basic features , both want to be comparable to the laser cutting and cutting precision laser cutting machine more than the price advantage. It is widely used in automobile , shipbuilding, engineering machinery, petrochemical equipment , light machinery , aerospace , pressure vessels and decorative , large signs manufacturing and other industries , suitable for carbon steel ( flame cutting ) , stainless steel and copper, aluminum ( plasma cutting ) and other sheet metal cutting and cutting jobs. Most plasma cutting machine will have a pilot arc , to guide the use of high-frequency current through the air . However, the high frequency can interfere with nearby electronic equipment , including computers . Therefore, we can eliminate these high frequency start-up mode potential problems could be quite beneficial.
Number of controlled cutting machine can cut on a cutting mode flame cutting and plasma cutting categories, flame cutting sheet metal is mainly used in rapid processing of fine cutting machine equipment , the use of low-carbon steel plate, galvanized sheet , white steel and other metal sheet the cutting machine.
Such as plasma cutting torch on a variety of external parts need to be replaced , often called the supplies. You need to find a machine , should be minimal use of supplies . Fewer consumables means cost savings. Many users need to use a variety of different aspects of plasma cutting machine , you need the platform, often moving between machines and even different venues. Portable lightweight machines with the ability to move , it is quite useful. In addition, if the workplace is small , then small footprint of the machine is also very valuable. Also, you should choose a work space and can put the cable , cutting torches and consumables machines. Because there are built-in storage space , does not appear to venues parts are even lost, so handling and easy to carry. Whether or CNC flame cutting , plasma cutting , cutting width of the mouth due to many factors , such as by cutting nozzle , no matter how high the accuracy of the device itself , with its precision cut parts , error is about ± 0.5mm in its error up device itself is several orders of magnitude. Or spend huge amounts of money that millions of imported CNC cutting machine, can only be the case. This is a method of cutting process by flame or plasma decided , in any case not like other CNC equipment like CNC lathes and other high precision.
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