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What is it the role of the resin wheel
2012-11-27 by seoer10

Resin grinding wheel, in recent years with the application of society, gradually appear in our lives, then the effect of resin grinding wheel, what does? Details are as follows:
Resin grinding wheel, grinding wheel is made of resin, phenolic, epoxy, polyurethane, polyvinyl alcohol resin grinding wheel is a high strength, can be added to strengthen the fiber network and reinforced in the cutting wheel, such as our cutting discs, grinding most of our resin grinding wheel is not waterproof not use grinding fluid grinding, of course, some need to join the grinding fluid grinding resin grinding wheel, such as epoxy resin grinding wheel is a good finish, not easy to burn, currently resin grinding wheel used in the cutting disc, double-end, heavy-duty grinding wheel, polishing wheels, and so on.

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