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Electroplated grinding wheel is produced electrochemically diamond wheel
1, the plating process is simple, less investment, ease of manufacture;2, without dressing, easy to use;3, single-layer structure determines it can reach very high operating speed, the current foreign countries have been as high as 250 ~ 300m / s;4, although only a single layer of  cutting and grinding disc , but there is still sufficient lifetime;5, for high precision roller wheels, electroplated unique manufacturing method.  Precisely because of these advantages, plating wheel speed, ultra-high speed grinding occupy undisputed dominance. Electroplated grinding wheel is produced electrochemically diamond wheel. Working layer contains a diamond abrasive wheel, metal bond diamond abrasive is bonded to the substrate.1, the thickness of the deposited metal bond cutting and grinding disc  abrasive grains is 20% of the height (the sand);2, continue to use the metal bond diamond abrasive grains bonded (thickened), grain height thickness of about 2/3.3, diamond dressing wheel, grinding or cutting with a diamond wheel.
Main description WEDM
(Wire  cutting and grinding disc Electrical Discharge Machining referred WEDM), an electrical processing areas by the former Soviet Union Raza Linke couple created and invented the electric spark processing methods. EDM also invented in 1960 in the former Soviet Union, the country is the first one for the industrial production of the country. The basic physical principles of free positive ions and electrons present in the accumulation , and soon to be ionized to form a conductive path . At this stage, a current between the two plates . Causes numerous collisions between particles occurs , to form a plasma , and soon raised to 8000-12000 degrees Celsius , the two conductor surface instantly melt some materials , and because the electrode and the dielectric liquid is vaporized to form a bubble , rules and its rise until the pressure is very high . Then current is interrupted , the temperature suddenly reduced, causing air bubble implosion , the power generated to melt the material thrown cutting and grinding disc  the crater , and then etching the dielectric material of condensed liquid back into small spheres, dielectric fluid was discharged . Then through the NC-controlled monitoring and control, servo implementation, so that uniform discharge phenomenon .
Waterjet cutting and laser cutting distinction
Water cutting and grinding disc  is water as medium , if the workpiece material is not in contact with water can not be used , for example, some paper , fabric cutting , or with a very thin low-flow head tube , or use dry laser cutting . Laser cutting and plasma cutting oil for cutting a workpiece has many problems . Water jet cutting and laser cutting compared to his advantage is cheap, generally small to be half the price . In the middle of the price they are precision plasma cutting machine . For cutting the uneven surface of the object , the laser machine with automatic tracking function for the job , oxygen bottles and acetylene gas bottles should distance of 5 meters or more, check for leaks before use , should be prepared to fire extinguishers. Ignition, turn off the oxygen valve, open the acetylene valve , ignition , the first slow the wind, the flame into a blue, about 8 centimeters, cut , open the valve quickly , it can be cut up . Tune fire cutting should pay attention: When cutting thicker materials , torch upright as possible , such as such as thinner , then tilt. Water cutting for cutting uneven surface of the object has a certain ability to adapt to nature , to the installation of parking device to avoid collision without water head , then there is more than one thousand yuan a ! Laser cutting machine laser machine above its workpiece position of the optical section also fear of collision .
The development trend of cutting discs
With the machinery industry, more and more, more mechanical products need to be processed , usually each product processing first need to go through  cutting and grinding disc  sheet forming , and then during subsequent grinding grinding, process through a road eventually became a full-fledged product, then what kind of cut sheet products will become the industry leader itMade of glass fiber and resin bonding materials reinforced with high tensile strength, impact resistance and flexural strength , widely used in ordinary steel , stainless steel and non-metallic production cutting, fine materials , craftsmanship ensures different materials workpiece high cutting efficiency and the best economic results.First, the hardness of the cutting disc , face the future with new metal products will be more and more, then cut pieces of products is also increasing hardness , cutting discs Hardness decide all products , at present, by the superhard abrasive of high precision , high efficiency grinding effect has been widely recognized.Second , abrasive physical structure improvements, such as the unit time of [ 2 ] Function of the workpiece increasing the number of grains , the average length of the grinding growth , the grinding increases the contact surface , which changes the material removal per unit time amount effective to enhance the efficiency ; really improve product efficiency of cutting discs can really grasp the future market .With the future development of machinery industry , more and more cutting disc industry began approaching the market, many companies have begun to start updating the product technology , hoping to develop more good products out .