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Water sandpaper grinding the history and future outlook
2012-09-14 by seoer10

  The history of water sandpaper grinding are mainly the following:

    Water sandpaper to achieve the functional effects is the role of grinding: the use of sandpaper sizes, fine sand of polished goods, make the product more sophisticated, more silky. Precipitation water sandpaper grinding function of the history is not particularly long, but the development is very powerful.

    Therefore, to adapt to the grinding of the various parts of the new material. Variety of grinders and grinding wheel, performance has been further developed. 10 series on the basis of the basic types, precision high-precision type, semi-automatic, the inclined wheel type, NC, grinding wheel manufacture, multi-disc grinding wheel type, high-speed, multi-wheel frame type, strong grinding type.

    2, modern machining development and the emergence of a variety of new materials

    With the the modern machining continuous development and the continuous emergence of new materials, their processing precision surface roughness increasingly high demand for various grinding points lost emerging to meet the continuous development of modern industrial water sandpaper grinding technology development is moving in this direction, and the development and use of new, the superhard abrasives development and the promotion, ultra-precision grinding, efficient grinding process and the development of applications in high-precision, high rigidity grinding machine and grinding.

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