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Diamond cutting discs classification
2013-04-10 by seoer3

Continuous edge of the saw blade: Continuous the serrated Diamond cutting discs, usually produced by the sintering method, commonly used bronze bond as the basis of carcassabrasives, cutting shall add water to ensure the cutting effect and useful laser cutting head type of gap.
2 heads cut piece: jagged disconnect, cutting speed, suitable for dry and wet cutting method.
, Turbine cutting disc: combines the advantages of two in front of 1,2, the serrated continuous presence turbine-like uniform punch, cutting speed, increase the service life.

Different material selection of different types of diamond saw blade, powder formulations suitable for the characteristics of the different materials, a direct impact on the material quality of the product, the effect, the passing rate, and even the costs and benefitsgrinding wheel.
Factors affecting the efficiency and life of the diamond SAW BLADE the sawing process parameters and the diamond particle size, concentration, binding agents such as hardness. According to cut the number of the blade wire-speed, sawing concentration and feed speed.

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