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Cutting discs in the current Chinese tool industry showed the characteristics of
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cutting and grinding disc    in the current Chinese tool industry showed six characteristics , the tool industry to rise from six aspects must strive to improve the overall competitiveness of the industry , shorten the tool industry with the world the gap between the cutting tool industry . Abrasives industry a basis for industry, but machining has always occupied a very important position. On abrasives , there are three aspects of improvement and breakthrough significance.
First , abrasive physical structure improvements, such as the role of the workpiece per unit time increasing the number of grains , the average length of the grinding growth , the grinding contact surface increases, which have changed the amount of material removal per unit time , effectively increasing the efficiency ;
Second, the super-hard abrasive applications, mainly refers to the metal powder, metal oxides or other superhard material CBN as a filler to resin, ceramic or metal binding agent made of abrasive applications . Currently, the superhard abrasive polished film brings precision, high efficiency grinding effect has been widely recognized .
Third, the emergence of new abrasives , such as micron polycrystalline ceramic abrasive ceramic composition containing fine diamond grit abrasive shell , ultra- precision polishing polyester film tape and so on. Abrasives possess these new features , polished film so vividly demonstrated advantages grinding .
China 's tool industry fully opened very early , the domestic market has long been a tool to achieve global procurement . Foreign suppliers to enter the Chinese market instruments than ten years of history, sales network, technical service system has been quite build the whole , in China 's major cities have several offices , sales and technical service employees over a thousand people . Them for its quality products and perfect technical services, product sales continue to lower prices , and now the import tool price has dropped to 10 years ago, almost 2/ 3 to 1/ 2, the monopoly of China 's high-end tool market . Grinding wheel used in machinery , industrial aspects , then the resin grinding wheel is divided into different types of different materials . Then different cutting sheet material so that its use in various industrial fields is different. Rotating conical surface grinding headstock . When the workpiece table can cone half-angle than the angle of rotation , but the short length of the workpiece , and capable of clamping the chuck , the workpiece can be clamped in the chuck of the first frame , and then rotated a certain angle head frame with to grinding conical surface . Rotation angle of the head frame size can scratch the base frame rotating disc readout on the scale ruler degree value , because the scale is not very accurate , it must then be adjusted by the test mill , then you can use the workbench with the fine-tuning , more convenient.

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