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The development trend of cutting discs
2013-10-14 by seoer3
With the machinery industry, more and more, more mechanical products need to be processed , usually each product processing first need to go through  cutting and grinding disc  sheet forming , and then during subsequent grinding grinding, process through a road eventually became a full-fledged product, then what kind of cut sheet products will become the industry leader it
Made of glass fiber and resin bonding materials reinforced with high tensile strength, impact resistance and flexural strength , widely used in ordinary steel , stainless steel and non-metallic production cutting, fine materials , craftsmanship ensures different materials workpiece high cutting efficiency and the best economic results.
First, the hardness of the cutting disc , face the future with new metal products will be more and more, then cut pieces of products is also increasing hardness , cutting discs Hardness decide all products , at present, by the superhard abrasive of high precision , high efficiency grinding effect has been widely recognized.
Second , abrasive physical structure improvements, such as the unit time of [ 2 ] Function of the workpiece increasing the number of grains , the average length of the grinding growth , the grinding increases the contact surface , which changes the material removal per unit time amount effective to enhance the efficiency ; really improve product efficiency of cutting discs can really grasp the future market .
With the future development of machinery industry , more and more cutting disc industry began approaching the market, many companies have begun to start updating the product technology , hoping to develop more good products out .
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