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When the cutter axis and workpiece edge line coincident or near the edge of the line of the workpiece, the situation will be very serious?
1. Check the machine's power and stiffness, able to ensure the cutter diameter
2. The tool overhang spindle shortest as possible, and to reduce the impact of the cutter axis and workpiece location of the impact load.stone cutting wheel
3. Suitable for this step, the right cutter tooth pitch, to ensure that not too much of the blade while cutting and workpiece engagement and cause vibration, on the other hand, when the workpiece or milling cavity in the milling narrow to ensure that there is sufficient blade engagement and the workpiece.
4. Ensure that the amount of feed, with each blade so that when the chip is sufficiently thick to obtain the correct cutting effect, thereby reducing tool wear. The indexable insert of the positive rake angle grooved to obtain a smooth cutting effect as well as the lowest power.
5. Selection suitable for workpiece width of the cutter diameter.
6. Use right main declination.cutting wheel
7. Correct placement of the cutters.
8. Cutting fluid is only used when necessary.
9. Follow the rules of tool maintenance and repair, and monitor tool wear.
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Diamond saw is a cutting disc, widely used in the machining of hard and brittle materials such as stone, ceramic. Diamond saw blade is mainly composed of two parts,  the base body and the head. The substrate is the main support portion of the bonding tip, while the tip is in the use of the process from the cutting portion abrasive tools, the tip will be in use constantly consumed, while the matrix is ​​not, the tip is able to from cutting is the role of as the hardest substance because it contains the diamond, diamond cutting the object to be processed, it is the tip friction. The diamond particles by metal wrapped inside the tip. During use, the metal carcass and diamond consumption generally more desirable situation is that the consumption of metal carcass faster than adamantyl, both to ensure the sharpness of the tip and can ensure that the tip has a longer life.
keywords:cutting disc
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