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 Classification of diamond wheel
Bond diamond grinding wheel can be divided by: Resin diamond grinding wheel; ceramic diamond wheel; Metal diamond grinding wheel (bronze bond diamond wheel)
Ceramic Diamond WheelVitrified diamond grinding wheel with diamond and vitrified common characteristics, and general corundum, silicon carbide grinding wheel compared to its strong grinding, grinding temperature is relatively low, the wheel wear is relatively small; can be adapted to a variety of coolant The role; grinding wheel to maintain good shape, high precision grind the workpiece; wheel has more holes, grinding will help chip and heat, easy to plug, not burn the workpiece; wheel self-sharpening good, trimming long time interval, relatively easy trimming. Therefore, vitrified diamond grinding wheel used in some foreign countries is increasing.
Diamond grinding wheel according to the production process can be divided into: sintered diamond wheel (resin bond diamond wheel; vitrified diamond grinding wheel; metal bond diamond wheel); electroplated diamond grinding wheel; brazed diamond wheel.
Sintered diamond wheelSintered metal-bonded grinding wheels mostly bronze and other metals as a binder, with the manufacture of high-temperature sintering method, which combines high strength, good formability, high temperature, thermal conductivity, good wear resistance, long life, can withstand greater loads. Wheel sintering process because inevitably kept the contraction and deformation, so use a facelift before the grinding wheel, but wheel dressing difficult. Production is often used grinding wheel dressing roller shaping method is not only time consuming and laborious, but the process of finishing off the diamond particles are more wheel dressing itself consumes large plastic lower accuracy.
Electroplated diamond grinding wheelElectroplated diamond grinding wheel advantages:
① plating process is simple, less investment, ease of manufacture;
② without dressing, easy to use;
③ monolayer structure determines it can reach very high operating speed, now abroad, has reached 250 ~ 300m / s;
④ Although only a single layer of diamond, but there is still enough life;
⑤ For high accuracy, roller wheels, electroplated unique manufacturing method.
Precisely because of these advantages, plating wheel speed, ultra-high speed grinding occupy undisputed dominance. Electroplated diamond grinding wheel defects exist: the coating and the substrate and the metal surface is not kept firmly binding the abrasive chemical metallurgical bonding, actually only be mechanically entrapped abrasive coating metal inlay, thus gripping force is small, efficient grinding diamond particles heavier load shedding (or plating flaking) and lead to an overall failure; increase gripping force as is necessary to increase the thickness of the coating, and the results highly abrasive bare chip space is reduced, wheel prone to clogging, the cooling effect is poor, prone to burn the workpiece surface. Currently electroplated grinding wheel manufacturing has not been achieved by optimized processing conditions required to design the best grinding wheel topography, single electroplated diamond grinding these inherent drawbacks will be significantly limited its efficient grinding applications.
Diamond grinding wheel can be divided according to: diamond with diamond grinding wheel; grinding carbide with diamond wheel (diamond cutter grinding wheel); PDC with diamond grinding wheel; coreless grinder with a diamond centerless  grinding wheel ; grinding ceramics with a diamond wheel; cutting diamond wheel (also known as diamond cutting discs); diamond saw.
Diamond grinding wheel by the appearance or shape can be divided into: Parallel grinding wheel; cylindrical grinding wheel; cup wheels; Wheel Bowl; disc wheel; grinding wheel; disc and so on.
Diamond wheel range of applications
Diamond grinding wheel for glass, ceramics, ferrite, hard and brittle semiconductor materials such as grinding materials and metal materials processing, carbide materials, shape processing, electrolytic grinding, and grinding center drill with diamond grinding, etc. Heavy-duty cutting, grinding with good wear resistance, high efficiency, long life characteristics.
Xinzheng, Henan Lin Fa Abrasives Co., Ltd. production of a variety of diamond grinding wheel, comprising: cup diamond grinding wheel, ultra-thin diamond wheel, diamond parallel to the grinding wheel, diamond grinding wheel bowl, dish type diamond grinding wheels, diamond single concave grinding wheels, diamond cup grinding wheel, resin bonded diamond grinding wheel, ceramic diamond grinding wheel diamond grinding wheel products.

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For the wheel of such a material in our lives is also divided into many, but for what it has resin grinding wheel

What make sense? Generally resin  grinding wheel  made ​​more suitable for use phenolic resin can be, there are two kinds of phenolic resin

State, that powdered phenolic resin, and a liquid phenolic resin. A liquid phenolic resin in the production of grinding wheel as a wetting agent,

Wet abrasive used to complete the molding material blending, grinding wheels and the powdered resin as a binder, the amount of how much it final decision

Set the performance of the product. Resin grinding wheel while it uses calcium carbonate as a filler material in the resin grinding wheel is the role of: tune

Humidity of the whole forming material, thereby improving forming properties, improved abrasive strength, and absorb moisture, reduce foaming, cracks, and

Deformation and other waste.
keywords:dc wheel
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