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(1) should pay attention to the cutting knife tooth function, for example, have a rear corner tap cutter design, cutting ideal;

(2) tap holder should be used in rigid fixture, such as the selection of the spring clips, hot-mounted fixture.DC wheel

(3) machining centers and other machine tools in the process of cutting rotation, should have high synchronization accuracy.

For high-speed tapping operations,grinding wheel, such as to meet the tapping tool, tool path and cutting conditions, the high efficiency of the fixture and the processing center, you can achieve a stable high-precision thread cutting.

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High hardness and wear resistance, hardness at room temperature up to 91 ~ 95HRC;

Has a high heat resistance, a high temperature of 1200 ° C hardness of 80HRC; flexural strength under high temperature conditions, the toughness decreases very little;roloc disc

Have a high chemical stability, a small ceramic and metal affinity, high temperature oxidation resistance is good, even at the melting temperature does not interact with the steel. Thus the bonding of the tool, diffusion, oxidation wear less;abrasive tools

A lower coefficient of friction, the chip is easy to stick the knife, difficult to produce a BUE.
The disadvantage of ceramic knives:

Brittleness, low strength and toughness, flexural strength only carbide 1/2 to 1/5, use must select the appropriate geometric parameters and cutting parameters; avoid withstand shock loads to prevent chipping and breakage; addition the low thermal conductivity of the ceramic knives, only the carbide 1/2 to 1/5, the coefficient of thermal expansion than the carbide is 10 to 30% higher, the thermal shock resistance is poor.

keywords:grinding disc
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