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How to select the hardness of the wheel
2012-12-02 by seoer10

The hardness of the abrasive wheel is reflected under the action of the abrasive grains in the grinding force, shedding from the wheel surface, the degree of difficulty. Grindstone hardness with the hardness, the hardness of the grinding wheel is different from the hardness of the abrasive grains.
Wheel choice of when to pay attention to proper hardness, and if it is too hard, blunt abrasive untimely fall off, will generate a lot of heat and burn the workpiece; too soft grinding wheel causes the abrasive grains fall off too fast and can not fully play its role.
(The principle of selecting the grinding wheel hardness)
Harder the workpiece, the softer the cutting wheel.
Wheel in contact with the workpiece surface, the greater the softer wheel select.
Grinding and profile grinding should choose a hard grinding wheels, in order to keep the grinding wheel required shape accuracy.
4 the wheel hardness Select the relationship of particle size: size the larger wheel, in order to avoid grinding wheel abrasives obstruction generally choose a softer wheel.
Workpiece material: grinding non-ferrous metals, rubber, resin, and other softer materials should be selected with AC Soft wheels.

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