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Attention to a number of diamond tools
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Diamond cutting tool when in use, in addition to the sharp blade, also should select the appropriate form of the blade area, in order to enhance the edge strength.
Made by machining diamond cutter for mirror cutting, often require a break-in period, that need to go through a period of time during the cutting process, the abrasive tools to achieve the best processing effect. In order to shorten or eliminate the run-in period, generally available ion beam sputtering etching method, no damage mechanical chemical polishing method, vacuum plasma chemical polishing method and thermal chemical polishing, grinding method to solve.
Anisotropy of single crystal diamond, the performance difference on different surfaces and in different directions is very large, cutting different materials, should have a different orientation (see table).
Order to improve the brazing quality of the diamond tool, the better wettability of the alloy on the diamond should be used as the brazing material, Ti, Cr, V, Mo, and other elements may also be appropriately added to improve the solder alloys in the liquid phase on the diamond surface wettability to achieve firm adhesion of the solder to diamond. In addition, the brazing must be under vacuum and inert gas protection, the brazing temperature should be below the diamond graphitization transition temperature (800 ° C), and the brazing operation to be fast in order to avoid the blade cracking phenomenon. The blade after brazing may be appropriate to extend the holding time, to eliminate brazing stress.
PCD cutting tool should be used as gradual reduction of the grinding process, both to maintain a high polishing efficiency, and also reduce the surface hardness after the grinding depth of the softened layer, thereby extending the life of the tool. Single crystal diamond tool grinding, high precision grinding disk and choose a smaller sharpening angle q with the appropriate angle of deviation w very fine diamond abrasive powder, using high precision, smooth operation and vibration small grinding machine ( aerostatic bearing grinding machine).
Diamond tools suitable machine tool - workpiece - tool system has sufficient rigidity, high speed, power, small vibration, smooth and good combination on the machine or machining center cutting non-ferrous metals and their alloys, fiber-reinforced metal (FRM), fiber reinforced plastic ( FRP), carbon fiber reinforced composites (CFRP) continuous surface. Diamond tool to detect and spatula optical instruments and other non-contact measurement method should be used.cutting disc

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