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Select the correct temperature abrasive grinding
2013-06-03 by seoer3
Now many of the tools and CNC machine tools need to use high temperature abrasive, so the abrasive is demanding higher standards, and today to tell you about the selected temperature abrasive should be noted that some of the factors!
1, wheel speed. metal cutting wheel speed superalloys generally be in (20 ~ 25) m / s or so. According to the information should be 20m / s or less, in order to reduce the adhesion and lower non woven flap wheel temperature.
2, the feed rate. It is the size of the abrasive surface roughness have a greater impact. Cylindrical grinding Longitudinal feed is (0.05 ~ 0.5) Bmm / r, fine grinding take a small value. When internal grinding Longitudinal feed is (0.1 ~ 0.3) Bmm / r; surface grinding infeed amount (0.4 ~ 0.6) Bmm / dst.
3, the workpiece speed. Workpiece speed has a great influence on the grinding burn for high toughness, low thermal conductivity, high-temperature alloys, should increase the speed of the workpiece to reduce and overcome burn-in phenomenon. But workpiece speed should not be too high, otherwise it will cause self-excited vibrations.
4, grinding allowance. Superalloys abrasive grinding allowance should be smaller than the grinding general material in order to reduce the grinding workload.
The above points is having a significant impact mill several factors, so that we will in the choice of abrasive when more than a few factors that should be considered, so you can choose the right abrasive, but also to avoid accidents!
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