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Some of the main metal introduction and description
2013-09-30 by seoer3
Usually the periodic table having a  metal cutting wheel  luster, plasticity, good electrical and thermal conductivity of the chemical elements known metals. In the periodic table , there are 80 kinds of metal elements , other elements known as non-metallic . The classification is based on the history of metal formed on the industrial classification , this classification method, while not strictly scientific proof , it has not been used to the modern .
The most prominent feature is the metal of their tendency to lose electrons easily . Therefore, from a chemical point of view , the metal is easily formed in the solution of the chemical elements of positive ions , which combine with water to form the oxide hydroxide to form the corresponding acid instead . Metal between the difference in the chemical mainly in the electronic sequence , many chemical reactions , especially the oxidation -reduction reaction to determine the sign of the electrode potential and its magnitude .
From the physical point of view , since the metal atoms are contained in the outer layers or easily intensification of free electrons, and thus has a series of metallic ( metallic) .
In nature, most metals exist as compounds , few metals such as gold , platinum, silver, bismuth free state exists. Most of the metal oxide and sulphide minerals . Other existing forms of chlorides, sulfates, carbonates and silicates . The link between the metal is a metal key , so feel free to change position can re- create the link , which is a good reason for metallic stretch . Metal elements in the compound usually only noticeable price . The best ductility metal is gold (Au), good electrical conductivity at room temperature followed by silver (Ag), copper (Cu), aluminum (Al) , etc.
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