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What forms of cutting
2013-11-02 by seoer3
By removal rate and accuracy can be divided into : ① roughing : with a large depth of  metal cutting wheel  , the knife once or a few times to go from the workpiece cut most or all allowances , such as roughing , rough planing , rough milling , drilling and sawing , rough machining precision , high efficiency and low, generally used as pre- processing , and sometimes also for final processing . ② Semi-finishing : generally used as an intermediate between roughing and finishing step , but the workpiece demanding accuracy and surface roughness of the site, can be used as final machining . ③ finishing : cutting with a fine way to make the machined surface to achieve high accuracy and surface quality, such as fine cars, fine planing , precision reaming, grinding and so on. Finishing is the final process generally . ④ finishing processing: after the finishing , the aim is to obtain a smaller surface roughness , and slightly improve accuracy. Finishing a small allowance , such as honing , grinding, ultra-precision grinding and super finishing and so on. ⑤ modification process : The aim is to reduce the surface roughness to increase corrosion , dust properties and improve the appearance , but does not require increased accuracy , such as polishing , sanding. ⑥ ultra-precision machining : aerospace , laser , electronics, nuclear energy and other cutting-edge technologies in the field of precision components requires some special , its accuracy is more than up to IT4 , surface roughness less than Ra 0.01 microns. This requires special measures for ultra-precision machining , such as turning mirror , mirror grinding , soft abrasive chemical mechanical polishing.
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