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Is closely related to the processing conditions will wear a significant impact on their load status due to wear of the diamond tool. Dai Xiangguo diamond wheel cutting engineering ceramics process parameters on the wheel life that when other parameters

Timing, there is an optimal wheel speed corresponding to each cutting depth; certain depth of cut and wheel speed, there is an optimal feed rate; primary and secondary order effects of various process parameters on the grinding wheel radial wear: wheel speed - Cutting depth -

Feed rate. [17] pointed out that the coordination between the abrasive tools wear and process parameters and process parameters, and therefore must be to optimize the process parameters. ZJ Pei fine grinding silicon, the following conclusions: When

Wheel speed of 4350rpm, chuck speed of 590rpm, the grinding force increases gradually, when you reach a certain peak, back to a lower value, and continue this cycle, the grinding wheel gradually blunting when the grinding wheel  to achieve a certain values ??abrasive broken; When the grinding wheel

The speed of 2175rpm, chuck speed of 40rpm small grinding force, wheel broken. Therefore, the grinding force is substantially constant and high wear rate.

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Grinding common defects cause analysis
Burns: the amount of feed is too large, insufficient coolant, wheel size is too thin, too hard binder, high grinding zone temperature caused.
The clogging not sharp: abrasive improper selection, improper choice of binder, the particle size is too fine grinding wheel blunt.
Chatter marks: spindle wear, the grinding wheel clamping is not tight, the grinding wheel is too hard, too fine granularity, the feed rate is too large, the cutting wheel beating Organization uneven grinding wheel imbalance.
4. Scratches: large grain abrasive grinding wheel soft.
Wheel consumption: feed too, lack of coolant, improper selection of abrasives, binders, binder organization is too loose, wet grinding wheel for dry grinding, the grinding wheel is too soft caused.

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