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At present, China's modern manufacturing required for high-precision, high efficiency, high reliability and cutting tools product and process technologies, more than 80 percent dependent on imports, China's tool industry can not meet the needs of high-speed processing of the aviation industry, mainly in the following aspects:

① the need for the development of a modern tool industry is a lack of awareness and urgency

Tool enterprises in China's large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises under the conditions of the planned economy in the long-term production the monotony of standardization tool, legalistic inertia. In recent years, while foreign tool industry in rapid technological advances, but failed to recognize the needs of modern manufacturing is the "three high and one tertiary (high-precision, high-efficiency, high reliability, and specialization)" modern tool. Over the past decade, although the introduction of advanced technology and equipment, but the equipment, First, the total amount is not enough, the second is in which a large part is used in the production line of the standard tool, continue to produce the monotony of standardized tool, necessary for the development of a modern tool industry lack of awareness and urgency.

② lack of knowledge of modern tool industry "high starting point, large investment, large-scale, international" development characteristics, low input intensity, grinding wheel ,also affect the development of

Insiders lack of knowledge of modern tool industry "high starting point, large investment, large-scale, international" development characteristics, resulting in low input intensity. The the tool giant on the international assets exceed OEM abound. Many billions of dollars, the less there are hundreds of millions of dollars. Tool industry in China from the structure of the industry-wide, to the formation of a small number of large and strong, the majority of small and specialized reasonable pattern. However, from the global scope, the leader of the few investment scale of 10 to 15 billion yuan is the lowest threshold. Without this input intensity, can not be built in the true sense of the modern tool industry, also failed to meet the development needs of China's modern manufacturing.DC wheel

Want to be stressed is that the development of modern tools manufacturing industry is facing serious challenges to master the development of new high-performance tools and materials, new surface coating technology and tool dedicated digital manufacturing technology, the introduction of foreign advanced equipment cost of only a very costly aspect, in fact, a lot of new materials, new coating and manufacturing soft technologies are facing multinational corporations blockade must be developed and mastered. Digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, based on personnel training, independent innovation, establish a brand to obtain user identity, you need to have a process. Requirements of debt service in accordance with the most state-owned tools business with loans engaged in technical innovation investment, often within five years, making the tool only major inputs in a mature market, with less risk of traditional standard tool of modern hard alloy efficient tool development has been severely constrained investment system.

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I have a  mini flap disc , I would not use ah , is not he must want to use the wireless network card before they can use , not just plug a wireless card inserted lines show that he is not an open connection , but the connection was successful but not on the net? Enter the IP address in the browser , the browser automatically pop up here? My computer is not connected to the router is the network of others , can use mini wifi ah ! Use , you can use it as a wireless card and wireless AP to use , when the wireless LAN network cable when connected to your computer's wired network card , into the management interface set about , when the wireless AP when used on a network cable connected to a router or switch , into the management interface to set about, set see instruction manual. Relatively simple. I just installed one such host. Like you, prepare for LCD TV , I was on top of the TV . Only one extension cord mouse , a PC remote control . Taobao search for mini chassis with power supply , many, best to have a 120W power supply. Note mini chassis size , recommended Liren -E Series chassis , dimensions : 190 ( W ) * 60 ( height ) * 215 ( depth ) mm. Taobao search for mini motherboard 17 * 17 , 17 * 17 mini motherboard specifications , it is best integrated cpu, because such low power consumption.
keywords:mini flap disc
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