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What is the principle of grinding grindstone
2013-02-18 by seoer10
Select the grinding wheel should be consistent with the working conditions, workpiece material, processing requirements, and other factors to ensure the quality of the grinding.
1. Select corundum abrasive type grinding steel and other ductile materials; grinding cast iron, carbide and brittle materials such as silicon carbide abrasive should be selected.
2. The coarse-grained coarse grinding, fine grinding fine-grained.
3. Sheet wheel should choose a rubber or resin binder.
4. The high hardness of workpiece material, should choose soft grinding wheel, workpiece material hardness low should choose the hard grinding wheel.
5. Grinding large contact area should be selected soft grinding wheel. Internal grinding and face grinding wheel hardness lower than Cylindrical Grinding Wheel hardness.
6. Fine grinding and shaping grinding wheel hardness should be higher.
7. Fine grinding grain, the wheel hardness should be lower.grinding disc
8. Grinding non-ferrous metals and other soft materials, should be selected soft and loose wheel, so as to avoid grinding wheel jam.
9. Forming grinding, precision grinding should take organizations close the grinding wheel.
10. The workpiece grinding area is large, you should elect a loose wheel.grinding wheel
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