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Belt some common sense
2013-09-05 by seoer3
Belt in people's lives is essential an ornament, a good belt factory belt out the good in order to plant health.
Do not think that  narrow belt  is optional accessories, autumn and winter fashion scene in 2010, it has become a well-deserved lead, more and more designers with the belt as a systemic point of the eye-election. Perhaps the return of feminism, making the slim waist become the focus of attention, while the waist is precisely the most can show a woman's body is different there are convex encrusted ornaments fall of last year's extra-wide version of this popular medium width belt with simplicity style-based, with this year's most IN fashion uniforms very appropriate; or as a soft material tightly wrapped around his waist, the Department after the other end into a bow to hang elegant gesture, rather like the Greek goddess of the noble. Ladies will perform best at the fringes exceptionally wonderful jewel brooch with a huge fabric around the strip and secured at the waist, a unique ethnic customs of the highlights; embedded with metal rivets belt is an image of the past few rock youth, replaced with a lady-style blouse and skirt, mixed in a sweet and sexy with a touch of tough cool; weave wheat belt is obviously affected by the oriental elements, filled with gorgeous court sense, nor even with simple clothes loss of popular feeling. Thin belt is not without leaving a place, bright fuchsia wear a thin belt broke dull.
  The impact of this year by the high waistline, belt lift position higher than ever, and even can be directly tied to the chest line below, which will be played unravel retro flavor was to be added. There are many designers to replace the belt buckle features, in the absence of outside button breasted cardigan tied a thin waist belt, that is practical and decorative effect play's sense.
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