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Belt and skirt with skills
2013-09-25 by seoer3

Whether pants or dresses, the embellishment of the waistband, you can perfect presentation waist effect, highlight your S-shaped curve. Generally speaking, in the long section of the dress with a belt only required in order to adjust the proportion of the body, legs look slim. Meanwhile, belts and shape some of the best single product echoes, for example, and shoes, bags or scarves same color or the same color, so it will look Coordination:
  Slim black sleeveless dress, patent leather belt with snake pattern in fashionable rendering, it becomes noble and charming temperament capable. Matt black patent leather narrow belt   simplicity and minimalist design skirt with elegant, attend business parties, this dress is sufficient to attract admiring glances.
Older women want to show style, this brown crimp Dress Do not miss! Thin material, fine wrinkles, highlights the elegant quality, fine leather cord with a brown belt, looks random, but full of flavor. Thin cortex most suitable for tall skinny thin belt of MM, fully embodies the elegance waistline.

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