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Strap sketched romantic fairy tale
2013-12-16 by seoer3
narrow belt overalls, young mothers have the final say, since that little life with flesh and blood since birth, moms overalls became one of the essential set of baby items. Time flies, old baby had come out Tingtingyuli, although not yet come to recall the glory days of yore, but too often think of my mother's care, it will not help but think of overalls, like braces have become less age Maiguai The secret weapon, or understand love know life has become a landmark.
Some students in the Sugar Bowl 01 is long in the honeypot pampered mean, single-breasted small waist bumps, the front looks like a half-height strap apron, but in reality it is the graceful curve of the waist extension, the most eye-catching is lantern design side by side with leather strap trouser pocket, a great vintage ladies excellent Masanori children.
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