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The service life of the grinding wheel in the grinding process
2012-10-12 by seoer10

  In the grinding process, with the grinding wheel wear, grinding wheel face the state is also changing. The longer lower the wheel's cutting ability, various grinding defects will also continue to occur, the grinding reach standards. Then to reach the normal state of grinding wheel dressing. We usually refer to the life of the grinding wheel is a wheel between the two trim actual grinding time. Direct impact on the length effect of grinding wheel life, and more important particularly for forming grinding.

      Determine the wheel life

       General phenomena according to the wear of the grinding wheel manufacture, through observation and testing. Grinding wheel wear phenomenon:

      The grinding process of self-excited vibration, the surface of the workpiece regenerative chatter marks;

      Grinding noise increases;

      Workpiece surface grinding Burns;

      The grinding force sharp increase or decrease;

      The grinding accuracy dropped;

      The grinding surface roughness.

      The said grinding phenomenon is not reason to produce independently, and between them there is a correlation. There are two of these phenomena require special attention: first, thermal damage to the workpiece surface temperature grinding; Second, due to the decline of the self-excited vibration caused by the roughness and precision.

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