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Several recent processing instance for aviation manufacturing cutting tool performance improvements:

(1) Processing Example 1: a commercial aircraft parts suppliers in the processing of a fiber-reinforced composite material workpiece with a solid carbide cone drill at a thickness of 0.200 "(5mm) material on drilling, each Drilling number substantial support drill only drilling 150 to 200 wells, you will have to replace the failed fiber tear tool the suppliers to switch to a new type of CVD diamond coated carbide drill to 2200 holes. despite the cost of the new bit old-fashioned drill 15 times longer bit life, reduced the number of tool changes, increased processing time, so still a 80% reduction in processing costs per hole.abrasive disc

(2) processing instance: Lockheed composite wing skins for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter the seams dressing machining, cutting tool life and cutting edge quality is far from satisfactory. To this end, the development of a new type of CVD diamond coated tools, tool life (processed straight length) from 9 feet (only 1/3 of the cutting material thickness) to 57 feet (cutting material thickness), which available 2 equipped with a 24mm blade knife to processing a wing skins. Thus, the cost-effectiveness of $ 80,000 for each aircraft, is expected to save money (to reduce costs) amounted to $ 222.6 million for the 2783 F-35 fighter manufacturing plans for the U.S. market.cut off wheel

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Polishing Pad resin binder, soft flexible diamond grinding tools. Stuck on the back of the Velcro cloth, gluing the portable mill connector, used for grinding. Polished granite and other hard and brittle, difficult processing of song Globoidal.abrasive disc

The Polishing Pad There are many types of different proportions of the ingredients.

Diamond Polishing Pad the diamond as abrasive, combined with the composite material made of flexible machining tools, special-shaped stone, ceramics, glass and other materials processing, the whole process is divided into rough grinding, fine grinding, grinding, polishing four stages , by the processing of the stone, a gloss of more than 90 °.abrasive wheel

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