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Bought a new beautiful clothes possible existence of such small flaws , such as not enough Slim , style is too simple, this time you need a delicate wild belt to inject new vitality into the shape . Although thin narrow belt   no strong visual impact, but give the overall temperament played skillfully deflected the lifting effect . A relatively pure color , style simple dress, if you want to wear clothing with new ideas , coupled with exquisite slim candy color belt, it was a little more delicate and agile .
While playing Guaiguai Pai 's blue white dress is very clean looking, like Daren poser but feel something was lacking . Coupled with one to two thin belt , you can choose with their own preferences and match colors, hit the color a little small so that the overall feeling becomes not the same, youthful atmosphere natural, this is the shape of careful machine Oh .
 Gorgeous gorgeous delicate embroidery first time be able to seize the line of sight , for the national wind or Sen female line of the MM course it is indispensable companion match , and even take the fashion line of the MM can also use it to carry out different styles mix it , the side plate buttons to show asymmetrical three tiny delicate classical Chinese style.

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"Water Yi Yao ", " narrow belt  " , if other people use these two words to describe you, be sure heart Intuit happy now ! I ask the woman does not like his slender waist incomparably it ? Do not cut down a time it does not matter , powerful belt can help you solve the embarrassing bucket waist , so you instantly have waistline .
Is handsome , or sweet ? Shoulder loops , loop sleeves , pockets and belt layers sliding scale hearty handsome personalized leather stitching will distribute thoroughly, double-breasted design is also fitted valiant general sense of the show thoroughly . Using rabbit it will be tough style texture quietly soften , mellow atmosphere is still moving tempted.
Generous and beautiful camel coat to enhance female elegance , crisp fabrics will have a convex body polish , willowy among oblique zipper added toughness confirms strong independent women , simple wide version of the belt to create the perfect physique . Black sunglasses and handbags color uniform more noble taste.
At first glance , the luxury introverted ; second eye , very elegant. Experience joy and smiles in style between his best style, suede sherpa collar and cuffs perfectly convey the lovely atmosphere , exquisite decorative belt stature also under Smart charming.
keywords:narrow belt
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