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Hardness higher than ordinary ceramic CBN grinding wheel abrasives. High hardness means cutting stronger, sharper; CBN has a high abrasion resistance, which means it is more difficult than conventional abrasive wear; ability to keep the abrasive shape is one of the main characteristics of the ceramic CBN cutting wheel as a high-performance abrasive; CBN high compressive strength, which means that in the harsh conditions it can keep the particles complete and easily broken; therefore its characteristics it can be widely used in many outstanding industry.
1 workpiece (miniature bearings, air compressors, crankshafts, camshafts, precision screw, instrumentation, etc.), automatic machine tools, high-volume production of fine grinding and final grinding.
2 large precision workpiece (machine rail, high-precision screw) fine grinding and final grinding. These artifacts using ordinary abrasive often due to the high temperature of grinding easily lead to large deformation, the best choice is the ceramic CBN grinding wheel.
Super finishing of special steel, such as tungsten, tungsten-containing molybdenum high-speed steel, vanadium steel, cobalt alloy steel, special high-speed steel tool sharpening, difficult to process heat-resistant steel workpiece, as well as other honing steel hardened tool
4, is the best of the titanium alloy grinding CBN grinding wheel selection.

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The use of ultra-thin cutting wheel equipment slices (cutting) machines and scribing machines, mostly imported equipment, not only for its superior performance and a high degree of automation, good job stability. Dicing machine, use of the overall type cutting wheel, high-speed, small cutting depth; slices (cut) machine a wide range of applications, versatile.

1), high rigidity grinding machine bed, wheel rack, feed systems and other parts of dynamic and static rigid requirements to be high, generally larger than 50% of the ordinary grinder.

2), high precision grinding wheel spindle accuracy must be higher than a conventional grinder, the general requirements of the spindle string action ≤ 0.005mm runout ≤ 0.01mm.

3), good anti-vibration bearings, the bed should have good shock absorbing properties.

4), high-speed general speed in 3000-40000rPm

5), a smooth feed system

6), resin grinding wheel have automatic tool

7), sufficient cooling

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