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Tool structural imbalance is the production tool Requirements wrong way. Carbide cutting tools gap: users need, but the high-speed steel cutting tools overproduction; much-needed and efficient tool of modern manufacturing gap, but low-grade standard tool overproduction.

In developed countries, carbide cutting tools account for the dominant position of the cutting disc, the proportion of 70%. And high-speed steel cutting tools to reduce the rate of 1% to 2% annually, the proportion has dropped to less than 30%. Accounted for about 3% of diamond, cubic boron nitride and other superhard tool.

China's current annual production of about 80,000 tons of high-speed steel, accounting for about 40% of the global output, consumes a lot of valuable tungsten, molybdenum and other scarce resources. This blind expansion and low-level redundant, making the production of high-speed steel cutting tools excessively large, had sold at low prices, leading to a large number of tool production enterprises with low efficiency.

China's current annual output of carbide 16,000 tons, and also accounts for about 40% of the global output. However, the highest value-added production of the cutting blade carbide products, only 3 thousand tons, accounted for only 20%. This situation, on the one hand, caused by lack of badly needed supply of carbide cutting wheel, on the other hand, the valuable resources of carbide underutilized.

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        Diamond resin grinding wheel with a good polishing, grinding grinding wheel sharp, easy to plug, specific features are as follows: 1. Grinding efficiency is high, while the grinding wheel consumption is relatively slow; 2., Good self-sharpening, grinding heat difficult to plug to reduce grinding burns phenomenon; wheel has a certain degree of flexibility, help to improve the roughness of the surface of the workpiece, is mainly used for fine grinding, semi-fine grinding, knife grinding, polishing and other processes; 4. diamond resin grinding wheel is a low temperature curing, short production cycle, the process is relatively simple equipment and supplies; due to the complexity of the surface of the cutting wheel, easy molding resin with mobility.
Diamond resin grinding wheel (resin knife grinding wheel) depending on product model variety for election (parallel to the grinding wheel, parallel with the arc grinding wheel sided concave grinding wheel, double hypotenuse grinding wheel, bowl-shaped grinding wheel).
        Diamond resin grinding wheel uses: Parallel grinding wheel for carbide cylindrical grinding and cutting edge processing, parallel with the arc grinding wheel for carbide forming grinding circular surface forming grinding, double-sided concave grinding wheel is mainly used for grinding the gages and coreless matte turbine, double hypotenuse wheel is mainly used for carbide gear hobs, thread cutter molding grinding bowl grinding wheel for carbide cutting tools, high speed steel tool edge grinding can also be used for milling.

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