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 Experience people know when sanding with emery cloth on a variety of items, the the debris embedded abrasive gap reached had the desired results, although this situation is inevitable, but to take appropriate preventive measures can greatly reduce the degree of embedded debris.

       Emery cloth roll: The following to sandpaper wood, for example to illustrate how to prevent embedded crumbs

       Overall, the moisture content of wood and grinding wheel heat to produce the main reasons of the phenomenon of the embedded debris. For these two points, following several methods:

        First, the control of the grinding heat, this point can select a reasonable speed of emery cloth, the appropriate amount of grinding to do. As the very different species grinding distinction, especially some species contain resin, by adjusting the sandpaper speed, the amount of grinding grinding heat down.

        Second, select the appropriate abrasive wheel. The various abrasives have different performance, new grinding edge when a small broken after grinding sharpening blunt, good self-sharpening abrasive, abrasive belt remain sharp. Emery cloth roll

        Abrasive manufacturers to remind you to use the above method with emery cloth, sandpaper, sanding wood, etc., can effectively prevent the the debris embedded abrasive gap, so as to achieve a good sanding effect.

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Characteristics of the abrasive belt grinding
An abrasive belt grinding efficiency, the grinding five times as an ordinary wheel. Abrasive belt size can be large (wide and 4m) apply to the efficient processing of large area, a wider range of materials processing.
Less due to the heat generated by friction and heat conditions, can effectively reduce workpiece deformation and burns. But due to the abrasive belt can not be trimmed, the machining accuracy is generally lower than the grinding wheel is as carefully processed, its dimensional accuracy up to 0.0012mm flatness up to 0.001mm.
Gap width between 3 abrasive cutting edge, chip clogging, have a good machinability, for open belt grinding, there have been new abrasive particles into the grinding zone, the conditions are more stable relative to the grinding wheel for grinding.
4 abrasive belt and soft workpiece contact, belt can be anti-paste a variety of complex forming surface, and has a good running-in surface grinding, polishing the role. The machined surface roughness of up to Ra0.8-0.2 microns.
5 adaptable, ordinary lathe, vertical lathe, planer, abrasive belt grinding head external circle within a circle, plane grinding.
The 6 auxiliary less time workpiece positioning, multiple replacement of sand brought to complete all the processing, do not need to be balanced, finishing work like a grinding wheel replacement.
7 simple equipment, low manufacturing costs. The contact wheel wear very little, can maintain a constant speed abrasive belt; short drive chain, and increase the stability of the grinding machine power utilization up to 85%. Abrasive belt consumption is generally higher than the stone cutting wheel consumption.
8 simple operation, easy maintenance, safe and reliable, the machine has a higher engage vibration.

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