2013-12-23 by seoer3
  Different grades of non woven abrasive  , due to different manufacturing process, the crystal form , particle shape is different, and have different strengths , and thermal stability properties of crushing , the kind should be based binding agent , grinding the workpiece material and grinding method , to select a different abrasive. As for efficient, high-precision vitrified grinding wheel , the choice of high-strength and particle shape sharp abrasive , hard surface grinding capacity there metallization clothing ( metal coating can play reinforcement toughened, heat shock mitigation and abrasive grains from the binding between the binding agent bridges effect, can improve the performance of grinding wheel ) and the two are not plated clothing should be selected depending on the kind of binding agent conditions , workpiece material , such dry and wet grinding . Copper is generally used clothes dry grinding , current , metal plating by nickel, copper development titanium, tungsten alloys, ceramics and other non-metallic , the development of a single coating composite coating , and has been developed to powder coated abrasive plating .
Since the concentration of hard abrasive wheel can not choose too low , high concentrations can bring high grinding ratio , 200% concentration is actually a super abrasive grinding wheels as accessories to the general superabrasive grinding wheels, is generally not recommended named use . Currently , high-speed and efficient grinding higher concentrations are used , vitrified CBN rely sealed to prevent superabrasive into accelerated wear and tear parts . Have a fairly complete grinding fluid filtration and supply systems , into the graphite, this method is also applicable to the resin , vitrified grinding wheels.
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