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Base paper selection errors
2012-12-18 by seoer10
1,Crude fine-grained sandpaper with the same base paper a rough breakdown sandpaper plant the amount of sand, primer, have a greater difference in the amount of complex plastic substrate requirements are not the same. The general coarse mesh to select quantitative emphasis paper, a breakdown to be to select quantitative lighter paper. Two paper smoothness, and the the coarse fine-grained sandpaper requirements are not the same. Breakdown due to fine sand, little amount of glue, paper smoothness, in particular, the surface can not have paper hair, coarse mesh is a relatively relaxed requirements.
2, the base paper with a binder do not coincide. Paper papermaking process for the production of different quality sandpaper coated abrasives production enterprises and a corresponding adjustment process. A grade paper such as: papermaking, B grade paper, the latex paper craft raw and auxiliary materials selection is not the same, so the sandpaper production enterprise production process to choose a suitable adhesive, to coincide with paper. General: A grade paper used in the production of silicon carbide transparent of sandpaper epoxy binder; to do binder B-grade paper production of ordinary waterproof sandpaper alkyd; the latex paper production dry mill coating sandpaper with an epoxy or phenolic resin binder, in order to reduce production costs, the A grade paper latex paper also used alkyd resins urea-formaldehyde resins do binder, these two paper papermaking process, is not the same due to the use of a process that is not suitable for not high bond strength material as sandpaper binder, otherwise it will affect the wear resistance of durability. Improper production process control will appear brittle, cracks, mortar and paper peeling.cutting wheel
3, the base paper front and back of confusion. Paper there are positive and negative points, base paper affixed to the paper machine wire section side called the reverse side, the other side is called positive. Positive smooth. Base paper production enterprise equipment is not the same, and coated abrasive production enterprises is not the same, the base paper positive and negative big difference, not oil absorption, smoothness are quite different,grinding wheel and therefore asked to select the enterprise produces coarse varieties of fine-grained The use of positive and negative plant sand. Paper manufacturers factory marked positive and negative, not marked, you can use the following methods to determine: paper on both sides of the structure with the naked eye, the pattern observed complex folded compare. Another piece of paper placed in an oven drying, observe the methods of curling, curling inward side is usually referred to as the opposite of.
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