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The ordinary drilling holes generally poor quality
2012-12-28 by seoer10

The ordinary drilling holes generally poor quality, more prominent issue hole surface quality larger export burr. Tiny hole machining, multi-process machining, drilling, expanding, reaming tool manufacturing difficulties and other reasons inconvenience when one end of the hole opening smaller cavity, mechanical burr more difficult; When the larger plastic processing of tiny holes in the material, the hole the quality problem will become more prominent, must adopt new technologies, grinding disc,new processes, in order to make a tiny hole machining quality has improved greatly.

Axial ultrasonic vibration of drilling a new hole machining process, with excellent process effect. A drill bit in the drilling process relative to the workpiece along the bit axis direction of ultrasonic vibration, the actual cutting angle of the tool relative velocity of the blade with the workpiece were tested periodically changes, the thickness of the actual cutting generally varies periodically, drill the main cutting edge and chisel cutting conditions improve, reduce average axial drilling force. Axial ultrasonic vibration drilling method for the tiny hole machining hole can surface roughness is reduced, improved surface quality, export burr height and thickness than those of ordinary drilling is much smaller.abrasive tools

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